Bitter earth advances: Zuleyha gives birth, but will Yilmaz be able to see her again?


Bitter earth advances: Zuleyha gives birth, but will Yilmaz be able to see her again?
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In the next Italian episodes from Bitter landa terrible plan organized by Şermin Yaman (Sibel Taşçıoğlu) with the complicity of the housekeeper Saniye Taşkın (Selin Yeninci) will ensure that Züleyha Altun (Hilal Altınbilek) gives birth earlier than expected. A real emergency which, fortunately, will not turn into a tragedy.

Terra Amara, news: Züleyha tries to fire Saniye and Fadik

The advances report that the storyline will begin when seven months have passed since the marriage between Demir Yaman (Murat Ünalmış) and Züleyha, with the latter who will mistakenly believe – as deceived by her husband – that her beloved Yilmaz Akkaya (Uğur Güneş) died as a result of a fire that broke out in the prison.

Although by now she will have resigned herself to the idea of ​​having to live forever like Mrs. Yaman, Altun will not have entered into the good graces of the very jealous Saniye, who one evening will end up criticizing her in a bad way with Fadik (Polen Emre).

At that point, Züleyha will not hesitate to lash out at the two subjects and chase them away from the house of Hünkar (Vahide Perçin), informing them that they can consider themselves dismissed. Desperate, the two women will ask Gaffur (Bülent Polat) to help them find a solution: Fadik will not hesitate to retrace her steps immediately, while Saniye in order to get her job back will only agree to apologize to Züleyha when she is beaten and threatened by her husband Gaffur.

Precisely for this reason, the housekeeper will develop even more resentment towards the young lady and will ally herself with Şermin …

Terra Amara, spoiler: Şermin and Saniye make Züleyha fall down the stairs and …

What will all this lead to? When her cousin Demir informs her that he no longer intends to lend her money and proposes that he be able to buy her father’s estate to settle the large debt he owes to him, Şermin will go into a rage and decide for the second time to try to harm Züleyha and the child she is carrying, in such a way as to carry her daughter Betül (İlayda Çevik) to become the sole heir of the Yaman.

Basically, taking advantage of a relative’s trip to Istanbul, Şermin will order Saniye to place a poisonous snake in Züleyha’s chamber in the hope that the animal will bite her and lead her to death within seconds. However, things will not go exactly as the dark lady had predicted: the next morning, Altun will wake up without even a bite, but she will be terrified when she sees the snake under her bed.

Seeking help, Züleyha will fall down the stairs and, after losing a lot of blood, will immediately go into labor! This will cause her to give birth a few weeks in advance (at least according to the false calculations communicated by Hünkar to everyone) …

Terra Amara, plots: Züleyha gives birth to a boy …

Fortunately, despite the diabolical plan, Züleyha’s birth will flow without any kind of hitch, so much so that the woman will become the mother of a healthy boy. This will make Şermin turn up their noses, who – being unaware of the fact that Yilmaz’s real father is actually Yilmaz – will begin to think that the girl slept with Demir even before their marriage.

And speaking of Yilmaz, we can anticipate that the man will obtain pardon and will be released from prison, until he reaches the Yaman estate just when Züleyha is giving birth. Once again, Demir will manage to block the reunion of the two lovers … but how will he do it?

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