Black A Half, the fourth season will take place. We are working on the new episodes


Black A Half, the fourth season will take place.  We are working on the new episodes
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Black in half 4 will be there

Half black 4 it will do. In the interview that Miguel Gobbo Diaz (Malik Soprani) released to us of on Tuesday 29 March 2022, travels with the imagination on a possible one fourth season. For his part, he wishes “Always the best a Half black in the sense [che] is a series that has given me so much. The public welcomed us very well. We are very happy and therefore he deserves the best “. That day, the actor does not lose his balance, not yet knowing the fate of fiction. “I don’t know what will happen because we will always see the future – naturally – living, as they say. S.and there should be a fourth season, that would be nice: these are the words of the actor that give us hope.

Comes from another actor in the cast, Alessandro Sperduti (Marco Cantabella) confirmation on the realization of the fourth season of Half black in an interview given to Tv Mia in early May 2022.

When Black comes out halfway 4

Angela Finocchiaro (Giovanna Di Castro) in a scene from “Nero a mezzo 3”. Credits: Rai

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We still don’t know the release date of Half black 4 season, but Alessandro Sperduti (Marco Cantabella) in an interview with Tv Mia at the beginning of May 2022 it states that the new episodes are already in preparation. We can put forward some hypotheses. The airing of the third season ends in May 2022. Let’s imagine a hypothetical airing during the 2023-2024 television season. At the moment it is speculation. We look forward to official updates from Rai.

Plot of Nero in half 4, advances

At the moment we do not know the details on the plot of the fourth season of Nero in the middle 4. Also in the interview that Miguel Gobbo Diaz (Malik Soprani) released to us of on Tuesday 29 March 2022, he explains that in the third season of Half black “There are evolutions”. So, in the season 4 of Half blackwould be great “That certain things continue to evolve which is also what the public expects. When you have a character you imagine him in a thousand things. So maybe it would be nice if some things developed that I thought and that I won’t say, otherwise I’ll steal the idea! “… Who knows what it refers to! We hope to soon discover new possible implications for the characters of the fiction, including him.

How Black ends in the middle 3

Margherita Vicario (Cinzia Repola) in a scene from
Margherita Vicario (Cinzia Repola) in a scene from “Nero a mezzo 3”. Credits: Rai

The third season of Half black ends with episodes 11 and 12, which are titled respectively With your face uncovered And For a daughter.

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Spartacus focuses on the place where men of Pugliani they trade drugs. Meanwhile, Charles finally succeeds in its intent. Once he found the daughter of Suleyman, Maryam, brings her to safety. He makes her a promise: he will bring her back to her mother.

Meanwhile, the police set out on the trail of thekiller of a reporter. He was investigating fights that were organized by groups of boys.

Between the Choirs And Bragadin everything seems to be fine. A casual discovery, however, puts the woman in a complex situation to support.

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Carlo and Cristina they meet. It is time for them to finalize the divorce. However, Guerrieri doesn’t seem to be happy about it.

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Meanwhile, the suspicions of Sunrise towards Federico they become more and more intrusive. Although the situation deteriorates, it is thanks to Sunrise that the team runs into a golden situation to capture Pugliani.

Maryam she is tired of waiting for her mother. So the girl runs away. The chances of finding both the mother and the children victims of exploitation, before they are made to disappear, decrease hour after hour …

Cast of Nero in half 4, actors and characters

In the cast of the fourth season we expect the return of the group of performers which includes:

  • Claudio Amendola (Carlo Guerrieri)
  • Miguel Gobbo Diaz (Malik Soprani)
  • Fortunato Cerlino (Mario Muzo)
  • Rosa Diletta Rossi (Alba Warriors)
  • Alessandro Sperduti (Marco Cantabella)
  • Margaret Vicar (Cinzia Repola)
  • Gianluca Gobbi (Lorenzo Bragadin)
  • Giorgia Salari (Giulia Trevi)
  • Claudia Vismara (Monica Porta)

Nero half 4 trailer, does it already exist?

It is still early to see the Season 4 trailer, as the preparation of the new episodes has only begun. The trailer of the episodes of the fourth cycle of Half black is not yet available on YouTube. We are convinced that it will be about two months after the debut of next season on Rai 1. In the meantime, here is the one of the previous one:

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Black half 4 episodes, how many are there

We do not yet know the number of episodes of the eventual fourth season of Half black. However, we expect it to be equivalent to the previous ones: twelve episodes broadcast over six nights.

Half black 3 is a Cattleya production in collaboration with Rai Fiction. The direction is entrusted to Claudio Amendola (episodes 1-6) and Enrico Rosati (episodes 7-12) for the third season.

Black in half 4 streaming, where to see it

Half black streaming is available on RaiPlay concurrently with the broadcast on the first Rai channel and afterwards. We imagine this is also the case for the fourth season.

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