Black Friday: what to buy today (saving up to 500 euros)


Black Friday: what to buy today (saving up to 500 euros)
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Here we are, the Black Friday: since Friday November 18th and until 28i.e. the date of Cyber ​​Monday, many discounted products are available on Amazon that allow you to save money.

Despite the date of Black Friday real is fixed for Friday 25 Novemberyou can already access advantageous offers now.

Whether it’s a new computer or a new smartphone, don’t worry: Amazon’s Black Friday saves everyone. To help you navigate the sea of ​​offers made available by Jeff Bezos’ company with greater agility, the editorial staff of has selected for you some of the most discounted products, so that you can more easily find the most interesting opportunities and save money.

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What to buy on Black Friday to really save money

The discounts on Amazon this year are really numerous and interesting, in fact they allow you to save up to 500 euros. For this reason, the editorial staff of has selected some of the higher than the list price. Here’s what they are.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9MEG-K Mirrorless Camera

Let’s start immediately with a highlight: this one camera brand Panasonic offers the ability to shoot in high resolution at 80MP, thanks also to the possibility of focusing automatically in just 0.04 seconds. If you want to embark on a journey and take some breathtaking photos, this camera is for you, not only because it is capable of taking wonderful photographs, but also because its price is very attractive now that Black Friday has begun: its price went from 1,899.99 euros to 1,309.00 eurosit is therefore dropped by around 500 euros.

Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro smart watch

During this Black Friday Garmin has decided to get serious: the company has in fact significantly discounted many of its items. Among them is the Fenix ​​6X Proa watch equipped with GPScapable of monitoring the heartbeat and containing a memory from 32GB for music. Thanks to bluetooth it is possible to connect it to headphones and listen to music directly with the watch, without the aid of a smartphone. The case is quite large, measuring 51 millimeters in fact. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. During Amazon Black Friday, the price of this watch went from 649.99 euros to 369.90 euros, thus saving 280 euros.

Saturn Msla Elegoo 3D printer

There Saturn 3D printer is equipped with an 8.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD, which reduces the printing time layer a 1.5-2 seconds, but still offers outstanding printing results. With the purchase of the product, you also have access to a one-year warranty, which allows you to receive spare parts directly at home if there are any problems. On the occasion of Black Friday, the price of this 3D printer went from 465.00 euros to 361.00 euroswhich can lead to a savings of around 100 euros.

Garmin Fenix ​​6S Pro smart watch

Another Garmin watch with a really attractive discount. Compared to the previous one, this one has some characteristics in common, as well as some differences. First of all, this is also very technological: it can go under water, it has a memory for music from 32GB and is equipped with GPS. The case, compared to the other, is smaller: the Fenix ​​6S Pro it has a 42mm case and a cost of 389.00 eurosapproximately 200 euros less than its starting price, 599.99 euros.

Hollyland Cosmo C1 Video Transmission System

This tool is a transmission system extremely sophisticated, which allows you to stream content that is filmed with a suitable device, be it a camera or a smartphone. With this device it is possible, for example, to go record a video and in the meantime broadcast it live on your Youtube channel, or on any other platform that supports such content. The starting price of the transmission system is 1,097.00 euros, however, thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday its price drops to 877.60 eurosthus allowing for save over 200 euros.

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