Blog | Dear Hope, his proposal on general practitioners is chilling: this is how it opens up to private individuals – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Blog |  Dear Hope, his proposal on general practitioners is chilling: this is how it opens up to private individuals – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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That Hope on health was an incompetent through the Pnrr I had understood this for a long time. That his real incompetence is not technical but political, not having understood the great contradictions and great challenges in public health, too. Nevertheless, I never expected to have anything to do, he secretary of Article 1, that is of the anti-Renzian rib of the Democratic Party, with a Speranza Christian Democrat. So much Christian Democrat as to amaze us all.

But let’s tell the facts. The government decided with the Dm 71 to reorganize the territorial health assistance. This reorganization cannot be done without first removing the old contradictions that have been affecting the famous general practitioners (GPs) for years. Always considered the real health problem wrongly or rightly and with the pandemic in fact, in spite of themselves, unjustly pointed out as the first responsible of the collapse. That is the first thing that needs to be fixed after the pandemic. For decades, GPs have been courted by politics because they created consent electoral and for decades regularly absolved of their known dysfunctional sins. For decades, politics, especially of the left, has guaranteed GPs all the advantages of freelancers and at the same time all the guarantees of parasubordinate workers. Tolerating everything to the limit of consociative collusion.

But as I said, precisely with the pandemic, GPs become a fatal problem for politics which, if not solved, risks compromising the entire NRP. Immediately the party of the anti-lavatives (regions, CGIL, minor unions) was born, proposing to punish the GPs, that is to transform them all into public employees by depriving them of all privileges and conversely, an opposing front immediately arises which defends the convention (the majority unions). It is not easy for those who for many have been more than 40 years of fun to convince GPs to give up a guaranteed free profession.

It is at this point that all the Christian Democrat spirit of Hope emerges which cynically emulating Solomon, with the aim of content all, proposes to sacrifice the child disputed by the two mothers to quarter him and to give one half to each. In fact, Speranza proposes to quarter the GP and make him work half in private studios and half in those public clinics formerly Inam, and which are now called “community houses”. So two different GPs, one to please the regions and the CGIL and one to please the trade unions. So one half with the excuse of the agreement will continue to do the cabbages of her and another half should be the clerk of the land registry.

I do not have the space to fully explain all the consequences on citizens of this Christian Democratic idea of ​​Speranza; I just say two things:

– the assumption on which his proposal is based is wrong, namely that two medical means in very different organizations can make a whole doctor. Organizing health care is not as simple as Speranza believes;

– the cure, the good one, is not just a matter of the presence of the doctor, it also takes a doctor adequate and adequate ways of healing, and in certain contexts also certain relationships, a relationship is needed trusteeit takes great attention to the uniqueness of people, etc.

In conclusion, I believe that Speranza – emulating the Christian Democratic version of Solomon – tells us in practice that he is actually an idea of ​​reforming the GP does not have it, even if given the circumstances it should have. But it is evident that he does not have it. The question of the GP, as I have said many times elsewhere, is completely resolvable, but by entering into the logic of the reform of a figure who is almost half a century old and who has now shown that he is making water on all sides. But as I have explained several times in my previous posts Hope, while talking about reform, beyond the horizon of the NRP can’t go knowing that the PNRR for him does not go beyond the enhancement of that. The NRP is not an act of reform, but an act that strengthens invariance.

Hope’s proposal is chilling not only because he is cynical and Christian Democrat, but because in the end he limits himself to mediating only between the interests at stake (doctors and regions) without taking into account the citizen, his needs and his rights. In the conflict between conventionalists and addicts, the citizen does not exist, that is, in front of the interests of the trade unions and the regions, the citizen is practically without rights.

Finally, the thing that surprises most is the most total myopia of trade unions who, like Speranza, do not even have a half idea of ​​how to reform the GP in the third millennium and who do not understand, however, that quartering the GP means killing it. However, the trade unions, in order to remain attached to a piece of agreement, did not hesitate to place a historic mortgage on the profession that the profession will certainly pay dearly over time.

The GP is a backbone of the current public system. And such, even if reformed, it should remain. His re-discussion ultimately only paves the way for private insurance, who can’t wait to get their hands on a piece of the system that has historically always been public.

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