Blog | F1, behind Leclerc’s mistake is Ferrari’s bad strategy. But the world is not closed – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Blog |  F1, behind Leclerc’s mistake is Ferrari’s bad strategy.  But the world is not closed – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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Certainly the mistake made by Charles Leclerc on the track yesterday it was serious and the only person responsible for a driving error can only be the driver.

However, it should be remembered that the driver in the car is alone the ultimate terminal of a team effort so complex and so sophisticated that it is unmatched in any other sport. In the case of Leclerc’s error it should be remembered that, once again, the wall Ferrari had made a wicked strategic choice: Verstappen he had returned to change tires, he had already achieved partial records and the Ferrari strategists decided to keep Leclerc out by asking him to push! Why not cover Verstappen? Why choose clearly to go down to second position (at the moment of the pit stop he would inevitably have returned behind the Dutchman given the latter’s partial records), why rely on the greater Red Bull tire degradation, if there actually was, because ?

Of course, Leclerc’s mistake “Covers” the strategic error of the low wall which, perhaps, only a few have noticed, but can I affirm that – once again – the strategy of the Ferrari wall has not put the Monegasque driver in the best conditions? Keep it on track with clearly exhausted tires and pushing him to respond to Verstappen’s times exposes them to risks. Risks sometimes pay off. And when you pay you have to be aware that you wanted them to run. The driver is not infallible, he is not one of the many computers that Ferrari strategists love madly. There is also the human factor.

You take risks with Leclerc, you are wrong and then out of fear you make conservative choices with Sainz, wrong again. Yes, because the Spaniard could try to get to the bottom with his tires and avoiding a further pit stop by gaining valuable positions, however, out of fear that he too could make a mistake (because his tires were also ending their life), he chose the path of prudence. On the other hand, what would have happened if Sainz had unfortunately made some mistake? It is clear that this choice is also daughter of a long sequence of strategic errors that start from far away.

Will someone call me a conspiracy theorist this time too? Will any illustrious colleague refer to me again in his well-known and popular blog? Maybe! I can only note with pleasure that I do discuss and that I always agree with those who have experienced the track on the other side of the net, from the pits and from the walls.

However, the world championship is not over. Leclerc made the mistake, like in Imola and there are two, but Verstappen can make it too. Of course, Ferrari reliability is a problem but also in Red Bull something has happened and can happen again. Ten races are a lot but already a brace in Hungary would help psychologically and arithmetically. No need to feel sorry for yourself, now you just have to work and continue to pursue that dream.

On the other hand, “it is a question of understanding” why the world championship is not a goal when Ferrari wins and then becomes one when Ferrari loses. Or maybe it’s just a dream … exactly …

Binotto: “The goal is to be competitive, not to win the world championship” from Corriere dello Sport

Binotto: “Leclerc is a champion, we believe in the world championship” from Autosprint

Let’s agreeā€¦

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