Blue tick for paid on Twitter, how the subscription works


Blue tick for paid on Twitter, how the subscription works
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The social network revolution signed by Elon Musk has started: premium subscription at $ 8 per month. The novelty for now in the test phase has appeared to some users. Meanwhile, the UN writes to the South African manager

Ready (but not too)? Street! You want to be certified by Twitter with a blue check, the hallmark of the verified and influential user? The richest man in the world did not become rich by moving cautiously. So despite the bad reviews of the idea of ​​him, having sent home a few thousand people – and some problems even with the UN (see below) -, Elon Musk has given way to his Twitter revolution. The recently acquired monetization strategy of the social platform is varied, but the first step, the loudest one of the paid blue check, has been taken. The launch of the new subscription for $ 8 per monthfor users who want a certified account – e some practical advantages in combinationfor now only in English-speaking countries, as told by the Twitter Blue page Lab dedicated to news -, is in the pipeline a week after Elon Musk took control of the social network.

The Twitter app – after an app update, it seems only on iOS therefore iPhone, which took place in some countries among which there is currently no Italy – should soon allow users to subscribe to the new subscription. A window appeared to some users warns of the news: “Get Twitter Blue for $ 7.99 a month if you sign up now“.

To help users get out of the confusion, Esther Crawford also intervened: “The new Blue has not yet been activated. The race for the launch continues, but some may see the updates because we are testing the changes in real time “, he tweeted the director of development. «The Twitter team is legendary. The new blue … is coming! », She added, complete with an emoticon with a military salute.

For Italy, the novelty does not seem to be working yet. But on the other hand Crawford was clear in reiterating that we are still in the testing phase. In page in Italian dedicated to the blue check, that is to verified accounts, nothing has changed. As it says, “to get the blue badge” you need to have an account authentic (identity to be confirmed), well-known (based on 5 criteria specified on the site) e active (here the rules to follow are 4). Interestingly, the note that clearly explains how “Twitter does not sell the blue verified account badge is still alive. A Twitter employee will never ask for financial compensation in exchange for a badge or as part of the admission process.” A specific of the social that is now destined to become history. On the other hand Musk – also in response to direct attacks, such as that of Stephen King – it had been very clear only yesterday: “Insult me ​​as much as you want but it will cost 8 dollars”.

After the acquisition the first Twitter revolution by the new owner was immediately triggered: half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees were fired. Tesla’s boss, the man who points to Mars (and in the meantime sells perfumes) has launched the redesign of Twitter through the Blue Lab as a priority. The purpose is to give a body and an appeal to the premium version of Twitter. That precisely at 8 dollars (in euros will it be the same amount?), Which aims to make the platform more performing at an economic level. A sort of necessity for the good health of the company, as would seem to transpire from the unsolicited apologies posted yesterday by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the platform. A reinforcing treatment, however, that started with a slimming one – mass layoffs – which did not even find appreciation by the UN.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk has indeed sent an open letter to Elon Musk, urging him to “ensure that human rights are at the heart of Twitter’s management.” A motion also shared by the White House and which arises precisely from the news of the layoffs, which they saw cancel the entire human rights team of Twitter and part of the group (except two people) that works on the ethics of artificial intelligence destined to sift the contents of the social network. Not “an encouraging start”, Türk said. «Twitter is part of a global revolution that has transformed the way we communicate. But I write with concern and apprehension about our digital public square and the role of Twitter in it ». Heavy words, unanswered for now: «Like all companies, Twitter must understand the damages associated with your platform and take steps to address them. Respect for our shared human rights should throw the barriers for the use and evolution of the platform ». The High Commissioner concludes with a spur / threat: “In short, I urge you to ensure that human rights are at the heart of the running of Twitter under your leadership.”

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