BMW M3 Touring: the Bavarian house satisfies the requests, and brings the station wagon to the road


The new BMW M3 Touring is a gift to its customers, and is a candidate to be one of the fastest station wagons on the road.

BMW M3 Touring –

BMW M3 Touring is the new car of the Bavarian housepresented directly to Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2022. This car was born for please customerswho wanted one Sporty M3with all the characteristics of a station wagon. The car when it arrives it is not knownwhat is known is that from September, you can order. His production will start in Novemberit must be said that still the price of the car, no one knows. But now, let’s see everything we know.

Let’s see the characteristics of the new BMW

Let’s immediately see the dimensions of the new one M3 Touringhis length is 4.7 meterswith a width of 1.9 meters. L’height is 1.4 meters and has a step of 2.8 meters. His trunk really imposingsince it contains ben 500 litersbut if we lower the rear seats, the available space comes to 1,510 liters. The exterior design of the car, always has the double kidney XLwhich is not really to his genius buyers. The bumper has a specific air intake and the rear mounts, four tailpipes.

There BMW mounts 19-inch alloy wheels at the frontwhile for the rear I’m from 20 inches. L’braking system is M Compoundtherefore it derives from the sports departmentif you want the maximum you can request thecarbon ceramic plant. There quality to do the car with different colorsby the German housewill also be here, with a little gem. This gem is the contrasting glossy black roof, which we find as standard. In the more expensive modesyou can even request the carbon roof.

Here is the BMW M3 Touring in action –

Now let’s take a closer look at hers thrusterwhich will be a 6-cylinder in-line 3-liter twin-turbothe same present in the M3 Competition. The motor has a power of 510 Horsepowerwith a torque from 650 Nm. L’car mounts an automatic gearbox to eight gears, M Steptronic modelthe traction instead it is whole wheat, M xDrive model. His shot from 0 to 100 km / h and of 3.6 seconds. His full speed and of 250 Km / hbecause it’s electronically limited. By purchasing the package M however, the full speed comes to 280 km / h.

The interior of the car and how safe the car is

Now let’s move on tointernal of the car, because in this one station wagon versionthere have been changes compared to Classic M3. There M3 new presents inside two displaysone from 12.3 inches behind the wheelfor the instrumentationone from 14.9 in on the central dashboardwhich is Theinfotainment. There technology used for screens is that of iDrive platform 8, and it was designed specifically for this car. THE seats I am M Sport coated in Merino leatheryou can also request them in M Carbon Bucket.

BMW M3 Touring
The black BMW M3 –

There safety of the new one BMW M3 Touring it’s really interesting, and it gives us a great car safe. His ADAS system presents as standard, thecollision warning and also thenotice to keep our lane. On request you can have the Driving Assistant Professionalwhich has the cruise control and the Stop & Go function. In addition of course to the Parking Assistant system and the traffic sign recognition. Let’s wait together, news on the price and the launch of this new M3.

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