Bmw M3 Touring: the first time of the super wagon


Bmw M3 Touring: the first time of the super wagon
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For the first time in its history, BMW offers a very high performance version for the 3 Series Touring. A family car with an aggressive appearance and sporty performance, which allows you to travel comfortably but also to exceed 280 km / h of maximum speed.

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BMW’s sports division has been building ultra-high-performance cars for 50 years. Or rather: it modifies production cars so deeply that it transforms them into real sports cars. The news of the debut of the brand new M3 Touring is gladdened: a novelty in the history of the BMW sports division, which has rarely committed itself to developing family members up to this level. A highly anticipated product that is part of an uncrowded but highly successful segment, where, among other things, the competition has been present for decades.

Long Wait

The sedans were the first (and very successful) results of the M experiment. The era of SUVs then inevitably guided the projects of the division which focused above all on the X range. Without neglecting, of course, the super sedans: from the 3 (perhaps the most authentic), at 4, without forgetting the M5 and the recent M8. The wagons have only been touched upon, with the E39 and E60 models (with naturally aspirated V10 engine) both on a Series 5 basis. BMW up to this generation of the 3 Series. Being, as anticipated, probably the most authentic M, the sports department has always created M3 with rear-wheel drive only, inadequate to accommodate a high-performance family configuration. The most recent generation is also available with xDrive all-wheel drive and this has also made it possible to test the Touring configuration which, after a long wait, will soon be available in series.

510 hp and 650 Nm of torque

Every technical and mechanical aspect is in common with the sedan. The star engine of the project is the 3-liter in-line six-cylinder with 510 HP and 650 Nm of maximum torque. 8-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive. The declared performances are remarkable: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and top speed of 250 km / h (can be improved to 280 km / h with the M Driver package). The management electronics are highly advanced and interact with a sophisticated and complex all-wheel drive system which, based on the driving mode selected, distributes the drive torque between the two axles. With the sportier settings, the traction is mainly rear, with the front intervening only in case of need; by deactivating the traction control the car is transformed into a pure two-wheel drive. The contribution of the active M differential further enhances driving pleasure and allows the practice of power oversteer complete with the M Drift Analyzer program to evaluate the length, angle and speed of the “cross beam” in the circuit.

Practical and versatile

If in terms of performance and driving dynamics it does not lose the comparison with the sedan, the Touring version of the M3 gains in practicality and versatility. The organization of the passenger compartment is the same for both versions: here too the new “curved” screen makes its debut, which develops seamlessly between the dashboard and the dashboard. It consists of two screens: the 12.3 “instrument panel and the 14.9” on-board entertainment system. The latter with graphics and specific programs for sports driving. Optional equipment includes seats with carbon fiber shells. The different design of the bodywork has made it possible to obtain more space for the rear passengers and for the boot whose capacity varies from 500 liters to 1,510 liters. The appearance responds to a strong aesthetic customization, with carbon fiber elements, logos that recall belonging to the M division and the four burnished exhausts. The front grille is distinguished by the grille with double vertical kidney. Orders will open in September with production scheduled to start in November but prices have not yet been disclosed.

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