Bologna – Sassuolo: 1-3 Serie A 2021/2022. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport


  • That’s all from Renato Dall’Ara, good continuation. Until next time.14:36

  • On the last day, Mihajlovic’s team will visit Genoa while Dionisi’s boys will host AC Milan.14:36

  • The neroverdi deservedly won the derby and climbed to 50 points: a brace from Scamacca and a pearl overhead from Berardi. The rossoblu cannot complain about the VAR: goal canceled in Chiriches, the goal of the flag is a penalty by Orsolini in full recovery.14:35

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    OVER! Bologna 1-3 Sassuolo, triple whistle from Ghersini.14:31

  • 90 ‘+ 2’

    GOAL! BOLOGNA-Sassuolo 1-3! Orsolini’s penalty. Orsolini perfect from 11 meters, ball at the crossroads, unstoppable for Advice.

    Look at the player card Riccardo Orsolini14:25

    Riccardo Orsolini
  • 90 ‘+ 1’

    PENALTY BOLOGNA! After reviewing the images, Ghersini concedes the penalty to the rossoblu: Ruan’s sliding intervention was evaluated as a hand ball.14:26

  • 90 ‘

    Five minutes of recovery.14:28

  • 90 ‘

    Ghersini is recalled to the VAR: Arnautovic’s cross touched with the arm by Ruan in a slide.14:26

  • 89 ‘

    Ceide reaches the bottom, Medel closes it in the corner.14:23

  • 87 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY BOLOGNA! Barrow’s cross, Orsolini from two steps crushes his head incredibly to the side.14:21

  • 85 ‘

    Ceide tries to break through in the area from the left, Kasius does not let himself be overcome.14:22

  • 84 ‘

    LAST CHANGE SASSUOLO. Dionisi calls Berardi back and inserts Defrel.14:18

  • 84 ‘

    SASSUOLO REPLACEMENT. Presence for Magnanelli, Frattesi comes out.14:17

  • 82 ‘

    Kasius goes down to the right, badly calibrated cross.14:16

  • 80 ‘

    GOAL! Bologna 0-3 SASSUOLO! Double by Scamacca. Frattesi vertically for Scamacca who takes the time in Medel and with a cold right Skorupski.

    Look at the player’s card Gianluca Scamacca14:15

    Gianluca Scamacca
  • 79 ‘

    SASSUOLO REPLACEMENT. Raspadori’s race ends, presence for Ruan.14:14

  • 79 ‘

    SASSUOLO REPLACEMENT. Muldur out, clip for Ceide.14:12

  • 78 ‘

    Frattesi from 25 meters, right on the curve.14:12

  • 78 ‘

    Arnautovic’s bank for Soumaooro who kicks weakly from a few steps, Consigli thanks.14:11

  • 77 ‘

    Samson pushes on the wing, Muldur stops him in the corner.14:10

  • 76 ‘

    LAST CHANGE BOLOGNA. De Silvestri also exits, Kasius enters.14:16

  • 76 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF BOLOGNA. Fresh energy on the wing: Dijks for Hickey.14:10

  • 75 ‘

    GOAL! Bologna 0-2 SASSUOLO! Berardi’s network. Eurogol by Berardi who invented a wonderful overhead kick on a short kick from Skorupski.

    Look at the player’s card Domenico Berardi14:09

    Domenico Berardi
  • 73 ‘

    Ghersini resumes the race.14:05

  • 71 ‘

    Second cooling break, game stopped for a couple of minutes.14:04

  • 71 ‘

    Arnautovic in the heel serves the oncoming Barrow, right over the crossbar.14:04

  • 70 ‘

    Hickey’s cross, Orsolini’s header fails to direct towards the goal.14:03

  • 68 ‘

    Arnautovic’s veil for Barrow, Chiriches is well positioned.14:02

  • 67 ‘

    Sparks between Medel and Ferrari, Ghersini restores calm.14:00

  • 65 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF BOLOGNA. Svanberg takes the place of Aebischer.14:15

  • 65 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF BOLOGNA. Relay on the trocar between Sansone and Soriano.13:59

  • 63 ‘

    Henrique vertically for Raspadori, a suggestion that is too profound.13:58

  • 62 ‘

    SASSUOLO REPLACEMENT. Traore leaves the field in favor of Lopez.13:58

  • 61 ‘

    Ghersini after the check of the VAR rectifies his decision not validating the doubling of the neroverdi.13:55

  • 60 ‘

    GOAL CANCELED SASSUOLO! From a corner, Ferrari crushes with his head, the ball bounces off the crossbar, Chiriches bags the tap-in with the help of an arm.13:54

  • 59 ‘

    Traore advances to the left, gaining a corner.13:52

  • 57 ‘

    WARNED Raspadori, withheld on Schouten.13:50

  • 56 ‘

    Soriano in the area for Arnautovic, anticipated for a corner by Chiriches.13:49

  • 55 ‘

    The rossoblu gain the field, the neroverdi are struggling to build.13:49

  • 53 ‘

    Cross cut by Orsolini, Arnautovic with a header sends to the bottom.13:46

  • 52 ‘

    Soumaoro in offensive projection, Frattesi contains it.13:45

  • 51 ‘

    Barrow duets with Soriano, right raised for a corner by Chiriches.13:44

  • 49 ‘

    Muldur crosses from the back, Skorupski overtakes, De Silvestri touches in the corner.13:42

  • 48 ‘

    Launch for Orsolini, Consiglio comes first.13:42

  • 46 ‘

    Hickey collapses in the area under Muldur’s pressure, Ghersini signals him to stand up.13:43

  • 46 ‘

    THE SHOOTING BEGINS. Bologna-Sassuolo 0-1, maneuver of the neroverdi.13:39

  • 46 ‘

    REPLACEMENT OF BOLOGNA. Theate remains in the locker room, Barrow enters, Mihajlovic passes to 4-2-3-1.13:39

  • Mihajlovic needs to raise the center of gravity, intensity and quality of his plays on the frontline, Arnautovic is too isolated; Dionisi can be satisfied, he must avoid loss of concentration.13:26

  • Rhythms from the end of the season, deserved advantage of the neroverdi, more proactive: Scamacca lethal with a header from a corner, Skorupski careful on Frattesi and Berardi. Rossoblu impalpable forward close the fraction without conclusions.13:26

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    END OF FIRST HALF. Bologna-Sassuolo 0-1, Scamacca decides.13:22

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    SASSUOLO OPPORTUNITY! Launch for Berardi, Theate’s hole, excellent timing in Skorupski’s low exit.13:22

  • 45 ‘

    Two minutes of recovery.13:19

  • 45 ‘

    Berardi focuses from the right, left weak, Skorupski’s easy prey.13:19

  • 43 ‘

    SASSUOLO OPPORTUNITY! Raspadori free in the Frattesi area, dry right at the near post, Skorupski attentive.13:18

  • 41 ‘

    Arnautovic shoots high from an excellent position but the action was spoiled by an offside by De Silvestri.13:15

  • 39 ‘

    On the overturning in front, Traore returns to the right, walled by Soumaoro.13:13

  • 39 ‘

    Arnautovic tries to turn around in the area, tripled does not pass.13:13

  • 37 ‘

    Percussion by Frattesi, Medel slips, Theate immolates himself on the right without a sure shot by Raspadori.13:11

  • 35 ‘

    GOAL! Bologna 0-1 SASSUOLO! Scamacca network. Corner by Berardi, Scamacca stands out in the area and with his head leaves no way out for Skorupski.

    Look at the player’s card Gianluca Scamacca13:10

    Gianluca Scamacca
  • 35 ‘

    Muldur reaches the bottom, gaining angle.13:08

  • 33 ‘

    Frattesi tries aerobatics in the area, ball wide to the side.13:08

  • 33 ‘

    Acceleration of Traore, right countered by Soumaoro.13:07

  • 32 ‘

    Launch for Scamacca, caught offshore.13:06

  • 30 ‘

    Traore wins the speed challenge with Soumaoro, Scamacca loses a game time and the action fades.13:04

  • 28 ‘

    Rogerio’s left from 25 meters, neutralized by Medel.13:02

  • 27 ‘

    Phrasing of the neroverdi, the rossoblu await in their own half.13:02

  • 25 ‘

    Ghersini restarts the game.12:59

  • 23 ‘

    Cooling break granted by Ghersini, the players approach the benches to cool off.12:58

  • 22 ‘

    Soriano recovers the ball on the trocar, an excellent diagonal from Rogerio on Arnautovic.12:56

  • 20 ‘

    Arnautovic widens for Hickey, a cross swept by Chiriches.12:54

  • 18 ‘

    Traore in the area for Berardi, the first control too deep, Skorupski makes the ball his own.12:52

  • 16 ‘

    Rogerio’s cross, Schouten heads away.12:50

  • 14 ‘

    From a corner, ball out for Berardi, left on the fly, high.12:47

  • 13 ‘

    Traore points the area from the left, De Silvestri stops him in the corner.12:47

  • 12 ‘

    Orsolini hits from the bottom, Consiglio blocks at the low exit.12:46

  • 11 ‘

    Arnautovic starts again, Theate misses the link to the limit.12:45

  • 11 ‘

    Rogerio reaches the bottom, Soumaoro takes refuge in the corner.12:45

  • 10 ‘

    Schouten vertically for Orsolini who misses the control in the area.12:44

  • 8 ‘

    Frattesi on the ground, game stopped for a few moments.12:42

  • 6 ‘

    Launch for Berardi, Medel concedes the first corner of the match.12:40

  • 4 ‘

    Scamacca advances to the limit, central bet, Skorupski does not risk taking.12:40

  • 3 ‘

    Arnautovic makes room in the area, cross intercepted by Frattesi, Consigli avoids the corner.12:38

  • 1 ‘

    START Bologna-Sassuolo, ball to the rossoblu.12:34

  • The warm-up phases end, soon the start of the match directed by Ghersini.12:14

  • Dionisi finds Chiriches and Rogerio in defense and in attack he opts for Berardi-Raspadori-Traore behind Scamacca.11:35

  • Mihajlovic chooses Orsolini in attack alongside Arnautovic and gives Aebischer a starting chance in the median in place of Svanberg.11:34

  • 4-2-3-1 for Sassuolo: Advice – Muldur, Chiriches, Ferrari, Rogerio – Frattesi, Henrique – Berardi, Raspadori, Traore – Scamacca. Available: Pegolo, Satalino, Ayhan, Peluso, Ruan, Oddei, Ceide, Ciervo, Magnanelli, Lopez, Djuricic, Defrel.11:37

  • Here are the formations. Bologna with 3-5-2: Skorupski – Soumaoro, Medel, Theate – De Silvestri, Schouten, Aebischer, Soriano, Hickey – Orsolini, Arnautovic. Available: Bardi, Mbaye, Binks, Bonifazi, Kasius, Dijks, Svanberg, Viola, Dominguez, Vignato, Sansone, Barrow.11:36

  • Emilian derby without particular meanings in the standings: the rossoblu, able to collect seven points in the last three home games, will try to shorten the distance on the neroverdi, returning from three defeats in a row away from home.11:07

  • At Renato Dall’Ara everything is ready for Bologna-Sassuolo, lunch match of the 37th and penultimate day of Serie A.11:04

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Renato Dall’Ara
    City: Bologna
    Capacity: 38279 spectators11:04

    Renato Dall'Ara
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