Bonus 2022, guide to contributions: from air conditioners to windows, from psychologist to TV. And there is also the contribution for those who adopt a dog


Bonus 2022, guide to contributions: from air conditioners to windows, from psychologist to TV.  And there is also the contribution for those who adopt a dog
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Now there are so many that every time we are about to incur a not exactly irrelevant expense, it is good to check if it falls within one of the numerous bonuses launched in recent years. From the dishwasher to the air conditioner, from the plants for the garden to the taps, from petrol to the public transport bonus, up to the sessions at the psychologist and a bonus for those who adopt a dog from a kennel. The last two arrivals are the € 200 bonus for families with an income of up to € 35,000 per year and the new incentives for the purchase of low-polluting vehicles. For the state coffers, the cost is more than significant: 113 billion euros in the two-year period 2020-2022, according to the calculations made by the CGIA of Mestre. Here is a survey of the main benefits.


It was launched with the aid and is used to help against price increases, not just energy. The 200 euro bonus will be paid in the form of a “one-off” payment in July. It will be received by families with an ISEE income not exceeding 35,000 euros per year. It is up to employees and self-employed workers, retirees, seasonal workers, home helps, seasonal workers and citizenship income earners. The bonus will come directly into the July paychecks of 13.7 million employees and 13.7 million retirees. Others will have to apply to INPS: domestic workers (750 thousand), unemployed (1.1 million), (270 thousand), seasonal, entertainment or intermittent workers (300 thousand), citizenship income earners (900 thousand). An ad hoc fund of 500 million is set up for self-employed workers to finance the one-off allowance.

Isee paid from June, declarations will no longer be free. “The Cafs are without funds”

Home bonus, from panels to mini-wind: here are all the incentives to cut the bill


From last May 16, with the publication in the Official Gazette, the new round of incentives for the purchase of low-polluting cars and motorbikes began. Contracts with dealers signed starting from 16 May are valid. The platform that will make the acceptance or rejection of the application operational will go into operation on 25 May. The discounts that can be obtained vary from 2,000 euros for vehicles with traditional low-impact engines, up to 5,000 euros for 100% electric cars with scrapping of a vehicle below the Euro5 classification. There are also incentives for the purchase of motorcycles and scooters with discounts between 30 and 40% of the list price. GREEN BONUS The discount for the arrangement of gardens and terraces is also valid in 2022. The concession has been extended until 2024. It is a 36% Irpef deduction on the costs incurred for the green arrangement of condominium or private areas. The bonus also includes irrigation systems and the construction of wells, design and maintenance costs if connected to the execution of these interventions. The deduction must be divided into ten annual installments of equal amount and must be calculated on a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per residential unit. Therefore, the maximum deduction is 1,800 euros (36% of 5,000) per property. The payment of expenses must be made through tools that allow traceability (for example, bank or postal transfer). The deduction is not due to the expenses incurred for the periodic ordinary maintenance of pre-existing gardens not connected to an innovative or modifying intervention in the terms indicated above.


The furniture bonus consists of a 50% personal income tax deduction for expenses incurred on the purchase of furniture intended for homes undergoing renovation. In the maneuver, the maximum expenditure ceiling dropped to € 10,000 (previously it was € 16,000). As explained by the Revenue Agency, the works must be combined with the purchase of household appliances to qualify for the benefit. However, there is an exception, but only under one particular condition.


The 2022 air conditioners bonus has been confirmed by the budget law and allows for a tax deduction of up to 65% on the new air conditioning system. In detail, the incentive varies from 50 to 65%, depending on whether the restructuring and mobile bonuses are used (50%) or the Ecobonus (65%). However, it is also possible to include the cost of the air conditioner in the Superbonus 110%. If for 2021 the spending ceiling on which to calculate the deduction was equal to 16,000 euros, for 2022 in the case of the furniture bonus it was set at 10,000 euros.


Photovoltaic panels are among the so-called towed works of the 110% superbonus, both for energy efficiency and for seismic improvement. If you find yourself in this situation then you can install the photovoltaic panels at practically no cost by activating the discount on the invoice by the company that carries out the work, or by opting for the transfer of credit in the bank. Another possibility, the tax deduction in four years. Solar panels can also be installed by taking advantage of the restructuring bonus which allows a 50% deduction for an amount up to 96 thousand euros to be divided into 10 annual installments of the same amount.


Among the eco-bonuses renewed by the government, there is also the one that allows you to replace doors and windows, to achieve greater energy efficiency in the home. In practice it is a tax deduction equal to 50% of the costs incurred for the intervention, up to a maximum of 60,000 euros. This facility can be used to reduce the taxes to be paid or by discounting the invoice, by the company carrying out the intervention. We also remind you that to obtain the credit, the new windows must replace the existing ones.


Purchase and installation of awnings are among the concessions for the energy redevelopment of the house provided for in the 2022 budget law. This is a deduction of 50% up to 60,000 euros, compared to the purchase price and installation of internal solar shading or external. This credit can be used to reduce the taxes to be paid, in 10 shares of the same amount. Alternatively, it is possible to take advantage of the immediate discount on the invoice. In any case, payment must be made by traceable means.


There is also a 75% deduction on the costs incurred for the removal of architectural barriers in homes. That is with the installation of lifts or hoists, but also for the disposal of old existing systems. Based on the type of house on which these works are carried out, the 2022 maneuver established a maximum expenditure ceiling. The credit obtained can then be deducted in five annual installments.


It is the contribution to save water consumption with new filter systems. The application for this incentive can be submitted starting from January 2022, on the online platform created by Sogei. All the required documents must be attached to the application, including the bank IBAN on which the amount due will be credited.


Furthermore, for those who have to carry out renovation work on their property, the facade bonus (the concession drops from 90 to 60%), the renovation bonus for interventions that do not fall within the super bonus (deductions of 50% for the renovation, in the event of works carried out from the beginning of January 2022 to the end of 2024, within the limit of 96,000 euros) and the 110% super bonus for energy efficiency and for the reduction of seismic risk.


There are also many concessions for families, from the single allowance for children to the youth rental bonus or for the purchase of the first home for the under 36 (exemption from payment of registration and cadastral tax. tax for an amount equal to the VAT paid). For those who love animals and have a dog or cat at home, or even a rabbit or a canary, etc., please note that the veterinarian’s expenses can be deducted from the tax return with a maximum annual ceiling.


For now they are only sporadic initiatives. Like that of the Mountain Union of Municipalities of Mugello which has decided to help those who adopt an abandoned dog, with figures ranging from 400 euros to 100 euros depending on the age of the dog: the older it is, the higher the bonus.


From September a new bonus of 500 euros for teachers. The money will be paid into the teacher’s card to purchase books, magazines, courses, tickets for theaters and cinemas, museums, exhibitions, cultural events. The money not spent previously, therefore in the year 2021, is lost, that is, we start from scratch.


It is the 500 euro incentive for 18-year-old students (born in 2003), renewed and made structural in the 2022 budget law. It consists of vouchers that can be activated from 17 March 2022, by registering on the 18App online platform, for those who own expected requirements. The voucher can be used to buy books, participate in cultural events and much more. It is nominative and can be used in participating physical stores and also on Amazon, until the amount is exhausted or at the expiry date.


It consists of a contribution of up to 600 euros, approved with an amendment to the milleproroghe decree, to support the costs of going to the psychologist in 2022. In practice, it is an aid to treat the discomfort certified by a doctor, caused by the consequences of the pandemic. It is up to all Italians without age limits, if in possession of an ISEE up to 50,000 euros. The amount of the contribution will increase as income decreases.


For the wedding sector, national support is envisaged for companies that organize weddings and have registered losses. While for the newlyweds there are currently only regional bonuses. For example, the Lazio wedding bonus provides for a contribution of up to 2,000 euros to help couples resident in the region to pay for the wedding expenses. The contribution can be requested online and concerns those who get married by 31 December 2022.


With the Infrastructure DL, the Draghi government has introduced a contribution of 50% (up to € 1,000) on the expenses incurred to obtain the driving license. The recipients of the measure are: young people up to 35 years of age, recipients of citizenship income or unemployment. The incentive is recognized until 30 June 2022. To obtain it, the applicant must demonstrate that he wishes to work in the car transport sector, or present a work contract as a driver lasting at least 6 months.


It is an incentive from the Mise for the purchase of televisions or decoders, to allow viewing with the new broadcasting standards of digital terrestrial. The measure in force until 31 December 2022 was refinanced in the budget law with new resources, to avoid running out of them in a short time. It is simply a discount applied by the supplier directly to the purchase price of a smart TV or a decoder.


It consists of a digitization voucher aimed at businesses and VAT numbers. The contribution foreseen by the Mise reaches up to 2,500 euros in favor of those who subscribe to fast internet subscriptions. The amount of the contribution varies according to various factors identified by the Mise. In general, the purpose of this incentive is to improve the connection speed of activities. The voucher can be requested directly from accredited operators until 15 December 2022.


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