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But how boring is it to queue for kilometers on the motorway, on the Raccordo, on the ring road or on the Autostrada del Sole? Don’t worry, there are low-cost solutions: with less than twenty Euros, travel really changes.

Travel it would be very funny for an enthusiast with his car and his family or friends… if only this wasn’t always there damn obstacle traffic! Once it’s an accident, the next time someone has run out of petrol in the middle of the road… is it possible that we experience this continuous boredom in traffic? That’s why motorists – and manufacturers – literally invent all kinds of them to keep you happy in the car.

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Time wasted

On average, an Italian motorist loses the beauty of 37 hours locked up in the car waiting for the traffic to clear up in the city street, on the motorway and sometimes even on the carriageway of a suburban road he is traveling on: truly frightening figures, think how much better this time could be spent. Maybe it’s better get a bike? The problem is that if you live far from your workplace, for example, that’s not an option.

The only thing left to do this being the case is to try to use as little as possible own car…or at least to make fun – as far as possible – the journeys you take even in congested city traffic. There are brands like Tesla which offer various solutions to make even the least pleasant journeys comfortable, such as those to go from home to work. But online, there are many tidbits about it.

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Digital entertainment

We have shown you various tricks in the past to make your car more fun and interactive during long journeys, from the grille that transforms the rear seats or the front mirror into a small improvised TV to the crazy idea of ​​Honda that wants to mount real PS5s on its cars by 2026 , just to compete with the usual Elon Musk and his Tesla screen.

Today’s idea is definitely cheaper than a video game computer: above all, you can install it in any car, from the most expensive Mercedes-Benz you can find on the price list to your uncle’s Fiat Punto. Fun is guaranteed and at least, if you really have to spend these blessed hours in traffic, perhaps you will do it with a smile on your face. Or boring you a little less.

Less than twenty Euros

The idea in question can be found on Amazon and is called WinzWon Led Auto even if they are available many different models of various brands. Essentially, these are adhesive bands covered in colored neon that you can control with a remote control like the ones that many home stores already sell and that can be easily implemented in the decor of any home or room.

The peculiarity of these LEDs powered by a 12V battery, however, lies in the their secondary function that you can activate with a simple song: in fact the lights move in time with the music, a bit like what happens with some speakers found in electronics stores that we don’t mention so as not to make hidden advertising but that we all know very well!

At least, the passenger compartment of your car will be a much more welcoming place and if you are a lover of disco music, you can indulge yourself with your friends, being very careful not to distract the driver of course. How much does this product cost? With the current sales in view of Christmas, with around 16 Euros you can take it home. But don’t worry: if music isn’t your thing, there are many other similar products on Amazon. Stay with us to discover them…

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