Branko’s horoscope for June 2022: forecasts sign by sign


Branko’s horoscope for June 2022: forecasts sign by sign
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A new month begins and with it a new phase of renewal and positivity. The horoscope and the forecasts for the month from June 2022 by Branko. What will be the luckiest signs? What will be, however, the less fortunate signs? Let’s find out together!

Branko horoscope for June 2022: forecasts sign by sign

Aries: difficulties in the family that are always present, especially with young children and brothers. The summer solstice brings you love, because stars look great. To solve any problems, seek advice from a person who belongs to the past and whom you trust;

Bull: the first part of the month will be passionate, Luna is perfect for new meetings and short spicy flirts but you must have a long look. Beware of nostalgia and romance that could curb the desire for conquest. Mars instead reminds you that health should not be underestimated;

Twins: Branko’s horoscope of the month is all for you, celebrate your birthday and let yourself be warmed by the warm rays of the sun. Mercury has entered the sign and nothing and no one will be able to stop you, the sky is perfect but do not exaggerate with the exits;

Cancer: this month will be quiet, Venus forms a trine with Jupiter, lucky combination. Towards the middle of the month you close your accounts with the past. Great is the aspect of Mercury that supports young people busy with the preparation of exams;

Lion: last month there were some turbulent moments, thanks to the influence of the twins you get back on track, while the Sun and Mercury help you regain physical balance. There is someone who tends to criticize your choices too much and these relationships tire you but someone special is about to arrive;

Virgin: The Sun is in opposite aspect and the Moon changes will not be easy. Delicate physical form until the middle of the month, on the other hand love gives moments of lightheartedness. They are short and fleeting so don’t overdo it and don’t leave too many victims in your path.

Balance: the beginning of June is characterized by the opening of Gemini and Mars which will be in excellent position until mid-August and beyond. The New Moon that forms with Venus is your friend and finally something important can begin. Household expenses and summer travel expenses are increasing.

Scorpio: the transit of Mars comes to life and you have to try to understand how to make the most of the opportunities offered by this sky. Be careful not to ask too much of your body and mind but don’t overdo it as you could go too far and become unreasonable. Don’t give in to controversy;

Sagittarius: the horoscope for the month of June is on the rise, after a bit of nervousness, the sky opens up. Situations that previously seemed complicated will resolve themselves because there is always a way out, especially if they concern the sentimental sphere. Do not be thrown down, from the 21st with the summer solstice there will be no more hostile planets;

Capricorn: Opposite Venus affects the finance sector and these problems also affect home life. The stars make the relationship with money unstable but luckily there are the moon changes that fix everything even romantic relationships, especially if the partner has accused you of being cold and distant;

Acquarium: the Sun in Gemini is beautiful which makes you cheerful and sparkling. Mercury that tends to make you distracted, you don’t want to commit yourself and you are excessively playful. Instead, in this period you can overcome all obstacles, so try to respect the rules;

Fish: There will be friction with the neighbors, swarm in the family even for events that do not concern you personally. Always keep calm. Great satisfactions in love with bright Venus until the middle of the month.

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