Brescia-Sampdoria 0-2: flashes of Sabiri and De Luca, Rigamonti conquered!


Brescia-Sampdoria 0-2: flashes of Sabiri and De Luca, Rigamonti conquered!
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Al Rigamonti, friendly match of the Serie A 2022/23 pre-championship between Brescia and Sampdoria: summary, result, slow motion and live news

There Sampdoria wins the fourth friendly of the pre-season of Serie A 2022/23 surpassing the Brescia for 2-0. To decide the challenge of Rigamonti are the usual networks Sabiri and of De Luca. Here are the votes of the match!

Summary Brescia Sampdoria 0-2 HIGHLIGHTS

1 ‘First half start – The Rigamonti match between Brescia and Sampdoria begins!

5 ‘Niemeijer close to scoring – Diagonal of the attacking midfielder who is deflected for a corner by Audero with an amazing intervention

12 ‘Bereszynski stopped by offside – The Pole kicks from an intriguing position on Sabiri’s assist, but the assistant cancels the action for offside

25 ‘Candreva shot – The Sampdoria winger kicks from long distance, a conclusion deflected by a Brescia defender

26 ‘Sabiri touches the advantage – On the developments of a corner kick beaten by Candreva, Sabiri hits his head and commits Andrenacci: Sampdoria very close to scoring!

31 ′ Miracle of Audero – The Sampdoria goalkeeper remedies Verre’s mistake in the construction phase and deflects Ndoj’s dangerous conclusion

32 ‘Sabiri goals – Andrenacci denies the goal to Caputo, a ball picked up by Candreva and served on the feet of the former Ascoli who makes no mistake: Sampdoria ahead on Brescia!

35 ′ Conclusion of Ndoj – Audero relaxes and neutralizes the shot of the Brescia midfielder, once again dangerous

39 ‘Shot of Ayé – The Frenchman turns to the door but fails to pass Audero

45 ‘Recovery – It will be played for another two minutes

45 ‘+ 2’ End of the first half – The teams return to the locker room: Sampdoria took the lead thanks to Sabiri’s goal

46 ‘Start of the second half – The Rigamonti match resumes!

51 ‘Niemeijer he tries – Shot crushed towards the pitch, easy hold for Audero

53 ‘Ndoj’s insidious punishment – The Brescia midfielder tries again, again Audero unbeatable

58 ‘Leris close to doubling – The Dorian winger kicks around and touches the post to Andrenacci’s left: thrill for Brescia!

62 ‘Audero saves again – The goalkeeper denies the joy of the goal to Bisoli after a colossal sleep of his teammates

63 ′ Changes for Sampdoria – Outside Candreva, Ferrari, Verre, Caputo and Augello; inside Damsgaard, Murillo, Rincon, Quagliarella and Murru

65 ‘Sabiri tries magic – Mihajlovic punishment for the Dorian playmaker, Andrenacci rejects with his fists

77 ′ Changes for Sampdoria – Outside Bereszynski, Vieira, Leris, Audero and Sabiri; inside Somma, Yepes, Stoppa, Ravaglia and De Luca

79 ′ Goal canceled to De Luca – Assist by Yepes and tap-in by the Sampdoria striker, but the referee does not validate the goal for offside

81 ′ Change for Sampdoria – Outside Colley, inside Farabegoli

85 ‘Dangerous tow – Serpentine of the 2000 class which ends with a shot saved by Andrenacci

90 ‘Recovery – It will be played for another three minutes

90 ‘+ 2’ End of the game – Sampdoria defeats Rigamonti: goals from Sabiri in the 32nd minute of the first half and De Luca in the final decide the match against Brescia

Man of the match: Audero (Sampdoria) REPORT CARDS

Brescia Sampdoria 0-2: result and match report

MARKERS: 32 ‘Sabiri, 90’ + 2 ‘De Luca.

BRESCIA (4-3-1-2): Andrenacci; Karacic (75 ‘Papetti), Adorni, Cistana, Mangraviti; Bisoli (75 ‘Garofalo), van de Looi, Ndoj (63’ Galazzi); Niemeijer (63 ′ Olzer); Moreo, Ayé (75 ′ Nuamah). Available: Perilli, Sonzogni, Bianchi, Labojko, Bertagnoli, Tomella, Capoferri, Andreoli. Trainer: Clotet.

SAMPDORIA (4-1-4-1): Audero (77 ′ Ravaglia); Bereszynski (77 ′ Somma), Ferrari (63 ′ Murillo), Colley (81 ′ Farabegoli), Augello (63 ′ Murru); Vieira (77 ′ Yepes); Candreva (63 ′ Damsgaard), Verre (63 ′ Rincon), Sabiri (77 ′ De Luca), Leris (77 ′ Stoppa); Caputo (63 ‘Quagliarella). TO layout: Tantalocchi, Malagrida. Trainer: Giampaolo.

REFEREE: Ayroldi of Molfetta. Assistants: Honey from Turin and Gualtieri from Asti.

WARNINGS: Niemeijer, Adorni, Karacic.

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