C Seed N1, the folding TV that looks like a sculpture


C Seed N1, the folding TV that looks like a sculpture
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Technology is making great strides day by day and in 2022 comes the first folding TV that really looks like a sculpture to be displayed in the living room along with paintings and photographs. Is called C SEED N1 and is available in 165, 137 and 103 inch diagonals. The price is not affordable for everyone. In fact, it starts from 180,000 euros.

C SEED N1, how it is made

THE foldable displays they are now a well-established reality. We have seen it in the smartphone field with products like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which allows it to be folded to take up less space in your pocket. The concept was taken from C SEED but in a larger way. Certainly not an easy task, as a total redesign was required which is defined by the company as a kinetic work of art.

The structure of the C SEED N1 is totally made of aeronautical aluminum, able to provide exceptional rigidity with a low weight. The opening mechanism allows you to transform the television from a decorative sculpture into an entertainment element. Once the display has been opened with MicroLED technology and 4K resolution, it can be rotated 180 degrees both left and right.

A TV for collector lovers

C SEED N1 is a technological device created for a specific niche of users. The CEO of C SEED has in fact stated that a large slice of users who choose the company’s products are passionate art collectors and sculptures and seek distinctive and design elements but also extreme technological refinement.

The C SEED N1 represents all this and fits easily into classic or modern and luxurious environments. When not in use, the TV folds discreetly into its base, thus becoming a real design object.

Panel and visual quality

C SEED N1 TV - modern room - pos5

As for the panel of the C SEED N1, we are faced with the best you could wish for. There Micro LED technology it is in fact the future, the perfect combination between the naturalness of LCDs and the depth of OLEDs. Samsung is among the pioneers in the segment, but there are currently no commercial products available yet.

C SEED N1 supports all the latest technologies related to image quality and also HDR10 +. The edges of the folding panels disappear thanks to the technology Adaptive Gap Calibrationwhich allows you to calibrate the image perfectly, effectively canceling the separation effect.

A lot of attention also regarding the audio. The N1 integrates an advanced system with two 100 Watt speakers each, which contribute to creating an immersive and profound audio.

The price? Beyond all imagination. To bring home the unique C SEED N1 you also need over 180,000 euros. After all, we are talking about the custom-made televisions, a unique piece for a few.

More affordable alternatives: the Panasonic JZ2000


Panasonic JZ2000 it is among the best models for those who do not want any compromise. The new HCX Pro AI processor is able to combine images and audio to offer great emotions to the viewer.

Video side the OLED panel it needs no introduction. It is the best of last year, with an almost perfect reproduction of the images and with a chromatic fidelity that allows you to be fully immersed in the scene.

Panasonic JZ2000 can be purchased here

Sony A90J

Sony A90J

Sony A90J is compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS and offers a one-of-a-kind immersion.

The 4K resolution OLED panel offers fantastic reproduction, with perfect colors. Finally, the Google TV operating system offers access to all popular media streaming platforms.

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