Cadastral plan, how to update it if it does not match

Cadastral plan, how to update it if it does not match
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There cadastral plantogether with the cadastral survey, it is one of the most important documents when looking for and marking the data concerning a property.

It is, in fact, the scale drawing of the building itselfalso known by the name of “plan”, and goes to highlight different data of the same, such as the exposure, the intended use of the different environments, or the borders, for example.

For this keep it updated it is extremely important and, when you go to do work that can modify it, it is also necessary to intervene on the document in question.

Cadastral plan, how to update it if it does not match

What happens if the floor plan doesn’t match?

There may be several reasons why you go to check the cadastral plan. In particular this can happen before one buying and selling and, in the event that there are discrepancies in the plan itself, there may be consequences for the seller.

In particular, in the case of cadastral discrepanciesyou can go to cancel the act for the sale of a property. In fact, cadastral compliance must be declared within the deedor the deed of sale of a property.

Precisely for this reason it is better check cadastral compliance already in the compromise phase, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Once the presence of irregularities has been noted, it will be necessary to remedy e regularize the floor planwhich can also be quite expensive.

Also, to avoid penalties, it is necessary proceed with updating the cadastral planand therefore first of all request a cadastral change, in case of:

  • splitting or merging of different real estate units;
  • exchange of intended use;
  • moving partitionssuch as the elimination of an entrance or the creation of a new bathroom;
  • creation of new surfacessuch as creating a mezzanine or an attic.

In general then it comes to changes that they have an effect on the cadastral income of a property, therefore regarding the number of rooms present. Following the cadastral change, the floor plan can be updated.

In order to request a cadastral change, the owner of the property must first present one communication to the Municipality reference, or requesting authorization through Cila or Scia.

Once authorized, the owner of the property has 30 days after the end of the renovations for submit the update of the cadastral plan.

The sanctions they range from a minimum of € 1,032 to a maximum of € 8,264, to which daily interest and expenses must also be added. However, the mechanism of industrious repentance can be used to access lower penalties.

Furthermore, after five years the obligation to present the cadastral change decade. At the time of sale, however, the property must still comply with the cadastral plan and it will therefore be necessary to update it.

How much does it cost to fix a floor plan?

In the moment in which it is necessary arrange a floor plan you have to take into account costs of technicians that will be consulted. In fact the technician will take care of consult the documentationdeclare the state of affairs, and prove that everything is carried out in compliance with the law.

The technicians qualified to take care of updating the cadastral plan are:

  • the engineers;
  • the architects;
  • the surveyors.

For evaluate the parcel of the technician, several factors must be taken into account:extent of the update to do, the size of the property, its intended use, but also the area where you live, for example.

The cost will therefore be very variable and starts from a minimum of 350 euros up to 600 euros, to which the costs of administrative fees.

What are slight cadastral discrepancies?

It is not always mandatory update the floor plan. In fact, in the event that there were slight cadastral discrepancies, this obligation does not exist. But what is meant by “slight discrepancy”?

All those fall under this definition changes in the state of the places compared to what is indicated in the cadastral plans that have not changed the following aspects:

  • they did not change the number of rooms;
  • they did not increase the floor area;
  • they did not lead to changeseven partial, of the intended use;
  • they did not lead to changes in the number of units.

For example, in the event of a slight displacement of a port or a graphic error, understood small discrepancies that although the surface of the rooms does not vary the number, so it is not necessary to proceed with the cadastral variation.

How much does it cost to make a change to the land registry?

The cost of a cadastral change is approximately 50 euros of administrative fees and, once the process is completed, the office provides the new floor plan within seven days.

However, at this figure we must go to add the cost of the technician’s labor to whom it is addressed which, as previously reported, can have a cost in the order of several hundred euros.

In the event that this is not done, in the face of changes to a property and discrepancies in the plan, it is necessary to pay penaltieswhich will increase over time.

You have maximum 30 days from the end of the works in order to request the variation, without incurring penalties.

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