Cagliari-Spal live: now Ranieri against De Rossi LIVE


Cagliari-Spal live: now Ranieri against De Rossi LIVE
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Rainier beats de Rossithe teacher against the student: Cagliari-Spal it ends 2-1 for the hosts, who show great progress. Seven points in three games with Ranieri and an unbeaten team, something has changed. The hug in the pre-match between the former coach of the Rome and the former Giallorossi midfielder and captain. A challenge with a special flavour.

10:26 PM

96′ The match ends: Ranieri beats De Rossi

Cagliari rises to 32 in the standings thanks to this painful victory. The master has defeated the pupil, who however comes out with his head held high.

10:25 pm

Red for Maistro

Direct red for Fabio Maistro who protests with the referee. Incandescent finish, De Rossi tries to calm him down

10:24 PM

Throbbing finish

Rog and Falco on the counterattack waste two chances in a few seconds to close the match

10:22 PM

Meccariello, what an opportunity

Meccariello concludes with a sure blow, providential rescue of Dossena.

10:21 PM

92′ La Mantia tries with his head

Watch out for Radunovic who blocks the ball. La Mantia fails to give him strength


There will be six minutes of recovery

10:05 pm

+++76′ Goal Cagliari: Lapadula!+++

Lapadula scores with a header, eighth goal in the league. Ranieri’s Cagliari takes the lead again.


+++ 69′ Goal Cagliari: Altare again, but the Var cancels +++

Another non-impeccable exit from Alfonso, then Altare checks with his chest and fires with his left foot, signing his personal double. However, the referee cancels the call from the Var for a foul by Lapadula who jumps wildly and causes two players to fall on the Spal goalkeeper.


64′ Canceled a goal against Cagliari, protests and yellow cards for Altare

Cagliari scores on the developments of a corner taking advantage of a duck from Alfonso, but the referee cancels because the ball from the cross had gone out. Vibrant player protests, yellow for Altare.


The second half begins

Ranieri and De Rossi change one player on each side. Zappa replaces Lella for Cagliari, La Mantia replaces Spal for Rauti.


The first half ends

Unblock Altare, equalize Celia: the first half of the match between Ranieri and De Rossi ends in a draw.


+++Celia’s crazy goal, equal to Spal+++

Celia scores a crazy goal with a left-footed plate after escaping from Nandez’s marking. First goal in Serie B for Raffaele Celia.


Fury De Rossi for the booking of Dickmann

De Rossi gets very angry at captain Dickmann’s booking and then a discussion arose with some members of the Cagliari bench, not with Ranieri. The Spal coach booed from the stands.


Spal dangerous

In the 32nd minute Spal became dangerous with Murgia, who hit the ball in a split but missed the goal. However, De Rossi’s team is growing.


Cagliari claims a penalty

The hosts ask for a penalty for a foul on Lapadula who remains on the ground, the referee lets it continue.


+++Unlock Altar Goal!!+++

Altare’s perfect header from a free kick from the right, his first goal this season. Inattentive Spal defense: De Rossi is obviously not happy.


Ranieri loads his

Ranieri charges his team with his usual grit from the bench, there’s a great atmosphere in the stadium

8:28 PM

I embrace De Rossi-Ranieri

The hug between De Rossi and Ranieri in front of the benches was beautiful, now the challenge begins.


De Rossi speaks about Nainggolan and Ranieri

“I’ve been thinking about it for some time now, he hasn’t been taken sight-seeing, but I think it’s right to talk about it from Monday when he comes to talk about it with us. I don’t know if it’s official yet, but I know that he’s been training with us since Monday, we’ll see how he’s doing. L “I saw him training alone, he seems to be fine, but he needs a period of re-athletization. Emotions? I do this job to feel alive. Seeing Ranieri and Nainggolan again gives me strong emotions. I’ve embraced the coach now, I wouldn’t have never let go.”


De Rossi and Ranieri left Rome together

26 May 2019 is a day that Giallorossi fans remember for the farewell of Ranieri and De Rossi, who left Roma together after the match against Parma at the Olimpico.


Rainier speaks

“If your name is Cagliari and you’re in Serie B, everyone wants to beat you. You have to be prepared for this, you’ll always be seen as the team to beat.”


The official formations

CAGLIARI (3-5-2): Radunovic, Altare, Dossena, Capradossi, Nandez, Lella, Makoumbou, Kourfalidis, Azzi, Luvumbo, Lapadula. Coach: Ranieri.

SPAL (3-4-2-1): Alfonso, Maccariello, Varnier, Peda, Celia, Zanellato, Prati, Valzania, Dickmann, Raute, Moncini. Allenauthor: De Rossi.


De Rossi’s words

«If there is one in the world who can revive a team in difficulty, it is Ranieri. A gentleman, a gentleman of character and he is truly as he appears on the outside. A gentleman who, however, has the attributes in the locker room and doesn’t mind telling a player that he’s behaving badly or… removing De Rossi at half-time in a derby.” the words and memories of De Rossi towards his former teacher and coach in the conference on the eve of the match.


Ranieri’s words

«An important player who I am sure will become an important coach», the words of Ranieri towards his former pupil De Rossi

7:29 pm

Nainggolan at Spal, it’s done

De Rossi will have his old Roma teammate and friend Rasja Nainggolan in his squad. Tacopina has in fact announced that the deal for the midfielder is done. The Ninja is expected in Ferrara for medical visits (read more)

7:28 pm

Cagliari at the stadium

Cagliari has now arrived at the stadium, Claudio Ranieri serene and smiling

Unipol Domus Stadium in Cagliari

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