Call My Agent – Italy closes with Stefano Accorsi and Corrado Guzzanti: the new guest stars


New appointment with Call My Agent – ​​Italy, marked by unexpected encounters with showbiz personalities. The famous forays into the Italian version of the well-known television series continue: here’s what will happen in the new episodes on the air.

There are actors who love their job so much that they almost become addicted to it. Others, on the other hand, just for the same love, tend to be more reluctant and selective – far too selective, almost impossible. These are just some of the characteristics of the stars of the Claudio Maiorana Agency, the actor management agency at the heart of Call My Agent – ​​Italy. The task of his agents is to navigate daily between those too many “yes” and too many “nos”, between the “bulimia” of those who would take part in everything and the laziness of those who instead seem not to want to take part in anything.

Corrado Guzzanti in the new episode of “Call My Agent – ​​Italy” (Sky Press Office) – VelvetMag

I’m Stephen I ran And Conrad Guzzanti the guest stars of the last two episodesfifth and sixth, of the Sky Original series produced by Sky Studios and Palomar on the behind the scenes of the entertainment world, from tomorrow Friday 3 February exclusively on Sky and streamed only on NOW.

Call My Agent – ​​ItalyStefano Accorsi and Corrado Guzzanti arrive for the last two episodes

In the new episodes, directed by Luca Ribuoli and written by Lisa No Sultan (the fifth, in particular, in collaboration with Federico Baccomo), Stephen Accorsi it seems unstoppable. Eclectic and always ready to put himself to the test, he even says he is willing to stage a Romeo and Juliet, provided that he is the one to play both roles! Keeping up with him gets even more complicated when filming on two sets overlap.

But it’s not just a time problem. At stake is an exclusivity contract, and only a team game between CMA agents will be able to help him juggle, without being discovered, between a Swedish production and a biopic by Giorgio Rights, among the cameos of the fifth episodeno less than on Luciano Ligabue.

Call My Agent Italy spoilers
Stefano Accorsi in the new episode of “Call My Agent – ​​Italy” (Sky Press Office) – VelvetMag

Conrad Guzzanti instead he continues to trash all the proposals of Elvira, his agent. He never answers calls and is resistant to every offer because he, he says, is dedicating himself to personal projects. But until fate puts him in the way of Luana Pericoli (Emmanuel Fanelli), the most “eccentric” actress represented by the agency – the “thoroughbred”, by its own definition. She will be the one to frame him in an international project. Nobody believes it, but Tarantino wants Pericoli, and Pericoli wants Corrado Guzzanti. His name has now been mentioned and there is no turning back. Although perhaps to convince him to sign is only a hypothetical but imminent end of the world.

Cast of the series

Playing the CMA agents, in the acclaimed home adaptation of the French series, Michael DiMauro, Sara Drago, Maurice Lastrico And Marzia Ubaldi, still grappling with the tragicomic problems of their clients. Next to them the assistants played by Paola Buratto, Sarah Lazarus And Francis Russo. With Kaze as Sofia, the agency’s receptionist, ea Emmanuel Fanelli in that of one of the most “extravagant” actresses represented by the agency, Luana Pericoli.

Episode synopsis

After the arrival of Pierfrancesco Favino and Matilda De Angelis, two exceptional new entries arrive. How many things can it do at the same time Stephen Accorsi without going haywire? Too many, but the one who risks a short circuit is Gabriele, who with Lea’s help must implement a very complicated plan to prevent him from being discovered. Meanwhile Sofia she does well in her first test as an actress and Camilla celebrate birthday. Vittorio, cornered, has to explain to his family his relationship with the young assistant.

Conrad Guzzanti he would like to devote himself calmly to his projects, but he finds himself stuck in an international “contrattone” of bad taste from which it seems impossible to get out. Vittorio’s marriage goes into crisis and while Lea does everything – but perhaps not enough – to recover the relationship with Caterina, Sofia and Gabriele collide in a heated discussion which, however, would seem to hide something else…

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