Camilla queen consort: the former Duchess of Cornwall changes style


Camilla queen consort: the former Duchess of Cornwall changes style
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In the UK the era of Charles III. With the death of her mother, the Queen Elizabeth, which took place on 8 September, the new sovereign must take part in all the appointments scheduled for the succession. Beside him is his wife Camilla, now officially Queen consort. Together (even clandestinely) always, the two have been married since April 9, 2005 (LOOK at her wedding dress). Having turned up their noses for decades, the British now seem to be willing to accept Camilla. Moderate and composed, she has learned to make herself loved, even through looks. Sober and moderate, between floral dresses and soft colors, she has never dared excessive proposals.

The funeral looks

the looks of the queen consort Camilla
At Buckingham Palace

“It is a time of great change for my family, I count on the love of my beloved wife Camilla. Since we got married she has become my Queen consort, I know she will live up to her role as her, “she said. Charles in his first speech as a king, once again showing his affection for his partner. For her part, in recent days she has been able to play her role with class and discretion. For the sake of protocol, Camilla she wore black outfits as a sign of mourning. There are two looks sported by the former Duchess of Cornwall for now, both signed by Fiona Clare, a stylist who has been dressing her for years. To fly from Scotland to London and greet her subjects outside Buckingham Palace, she opted for a simple dress with a full skirt, full-length topstitching and a zip on the décolleté. On the other hand, the lace dress with three-quarter sleeves chosen for the is very elegant official proclamation of the new King at St. James’s Palace.

Tributes to Elizabeth

the looks of the queen consort Camilla
With pearls at the proclamation

And with the accessories that Camilla paid tribute to Elizabeth II. The necklaces of pearls, jewels that had always been loved by the deceased sovereign, stood out around the neck of the Queen consort. Three wires for the plane trip, four for the proclamation ceremony. Another discreet but clear reference to Elisabetta is the bow-shaped brooch, which recalls the famous True Lover’s Knot (HERE all the brooches of Elisabetta). In gold and diamonds, it symbolizes strong, invincible and lasting love. It would represent the devotion of Camilla to her husband and consequently to the whole royal family. Finally, the Queen consort was immortalized on the airport runway with the famous transparent umbrella of Fulton. A reason for security, of course, (read more HERE) but certainly also a tribute to the previous ruler, who made this accessory so famous in the world.

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Goodbye to foreign brands?

the looks of the queen consort Camilla
By plane with the Chanel bag

Camilla he has always had a style suited to his role but, over the years, he has also revealed an interest in the world of luxury. There is no shortage of handbags on his arm Chanel, also showed off one for the trip from Balmoral to the capital. There Coco in quilted leather with a rigid handle costs about 5 thousand euros. On the wrist, however, it was impossible not to notice the iconic bracelet of the collection Alhambra from Van Cleef & Arpels: with blue agat flowers, she stood out in black looks. The British, as we know, are very attentive to the costs of royals and notoriously prefer a low-cost approach. Now that she is Regina, Camilla will perhaps be forced to abandon her passion for top brands or at least to prefer made in UK designers.

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