Cancer: half of deaths are related to these 3 lifestyle risk factors, all of which are “preventable”


The development of cancer can be deadly: learning to give up some unnecessary things in our life can help us tremendously to reduce the risk of developing one.

The cancer It is one of the most problematic and deadly diseases of our times, but you can greatly reduce the risk of developing it if you keep these 3 risk factors in your lifestyle under control.

A healthy and correct lifestyle can be the key to a long and prosperous life. You can improve the quality of your days and physical and mental well-being with many strategies, for example by adopting a vegan diet and exercising regularly.

Nevertheless, the best way to prevent the onset of tumors is by controlling certain risk factors, that is, practices that have a very high percentage of causing the birth of cancer cells.

What can I do to reduce the chances of developing cancer?

A study was recently published in The Lancet that analyzed data from 2010 to 2019 on cancer-related onset and mortality. Dozens of specialists and specialists were involved in the analysis to determine which are the risk factors that must be eliminated or kept extremely under control.

The research results clearly point towards three phenomena: to smoketo consume alcoholic And obesity are the three most dangerous risk factors.

  1. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and complications that lead to death. Smokers, in fact, face a distressing probability of developing lung cancer, which is 15 to 30 times higher than non-smokers. Occasional or sporadic smokers are not spared, even for them the danger increases greatly. The chemicals contained in cigarettes not only damage our DNA, but inhibit its ability to self-regenerate.
  2. To consume alcoholWhile it is not as dangerous as tobacco, it does bring serious problems to your body. In fact, alcohol consumption can lead to the development of as many as 7 different types of cancer, including that of the intestine, mouth and breast. When our body processes alcohol, it transforms it into a substance that is highly harmful and also interferes with the chemical communication between organs, creating a breeding ground for the development of tumors.
  3. L’obesity it is an often overlooked risk factor that can actually have disastrous effects on the body. Many verified studies indicate that suffering from obesity increases the risk of developing 13 different types of cancer.
    In particular:
                1. Breast and intestines (among the most common)
                2. Pancreas, esophagus and gallbladder (very difficult to treat)
                3. Uterus and ovaries
                4. Kidney, liver and upper stomach
                5. Myeloma (a cancer of the blood)
                6. Meningioma
                7. Thyroid

As you can see, even though these three risk factors are very dangerous to your health, you can still fight them by changing your lifestyle, even one step at a time. This way, you will live a happier and longer life.

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