Car, air conditioning prohibited in cars: when the fine is triggered


No ban on air conditioning in cars, except in one circumstance. Indeed two. And it is good to keep them in mind to avoid the blow.

If legislation against air conditioning in cars suddenly comes along, it will likely lead to a popular uprising. Unthinkable, especially in summer, to eliminate such a support.

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And indeed, the air conditioning in the car it is far from forbidden. While driving, the driver can turn it on and adjust it to his liking, both for long and short journeys. A habit that accompanies us in summer as well as in winter, when it is the heating that keeps us company in the passenger compartment. Yet, on closer inspection, there is a quibble that forces drivers to keep the knobs at zero on certain occasions. And the infringement of this rule could lead to very high fines. Other than unthinkable: used without respecting the necessary criteria, the air conditioning could turn into a frozen shower.

The condition is simple, even if it often ends up not respecting it: according to the provisions of the Highway Code, the air in the car cannot be kept on if the vehicle is stationary. Furthermore, it is also forbidden to keep the engine running during a stop in order to keep it running. Probably not everyone is aware of it: the legislation is quite recent although not too recent (2007) and embraces a logic that, in reality, should be known to all drivers. In fact, parking with the engine running is never advisable. Nor is turning on the air conditioning while stationary with the engine off, also because nothing pleasant would come out.

Air conditioning by car: how much are the fines

Since summer seems to have already begun, it is very likely that motorists have already begun to turn the proverbial knobs on their dashboard. So as to receive a bit of coolness in the face of external temperatures already comparable to the month of July. And it will just as likely happen that someone has stopped with the car but the engine is running, perhaps to wait for a friend while he gets out of the house, so as to receive the benefit of air conditioning at the same time and avoid roasting in the sun. Well, better know that, in case a policeman had been nearby, he could have dropped a report with all the trimmings. This attitude, in fact, is an explicit violation of paragraph 7 bis of article 157 of the Highway Code, in which the prohibition is indicated.

Specifically, the use of the running engine is prohibited “while the vehicle is parked in order to keep the air conditioning system in operation in the vehicle”. A simple rule and one of the most frequently broken. Moreover, other countries have also imposed a similar ban. This is because, clearly, keep the engine running during a stop it would unnecessarily increase air pollution. And turning the air on while the car is off would do the same, since running the engine is essential for the air conditioning to function properly. Otherwise you risk the opposite effect, that is to receive simple (hot) air. So be careful, also because the fines would be real blows: between 223 and 444 euros. No, definitely better not to risk it.

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