Car market, the recovery continues: here are the 10 best-selling models in November


Car market, the recovery continues: here are the 10 best-selling models in November
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ROME – Clear skies on the new car market. The month of November continues the growth trend with 119,853 units registered, marking a comforting 14.7% more than the 104,519 registrations of November 2021. The following is the top ten of the best-selling models, and if you try to compare it with the In October, you will see several position changes, including some interesting new entries.

1. FIAT PANDA – 8,892 units

In first place is confirmed the Panda, the bestseller of the Fiat brand which indeed increases the volume of sales compared to the previous month (October 8,336, November 8,892). Its 42 years of age (almost 43) are not enough to send it to the attic, and this third series of its is offered on the market in two fuel systems: Petrol/LPG and Mild hybrid/Petrol. With engine capacities ranging from 999 cc to 1242 cc and power outputs between 69 and 70 HP, the Panda offers a boot capacity of 225 cm3, which reaches 870 cm3 with the seats folded down. Prices start at 15,400 euros and go up to 18,400 euros.

2. DACHA SANDERO – 4,084 units

A good recovery for Sandero, which in October was in eighth position with 2,473 units registered: a leap forward that has seen sales volumes almost double. This is thanks to a range divided into two fuel supplies, Petrol and Petrol/LPG, a single 999 cc engine but with different powers ranging from 65 to 100 HP, and a boot that reaches 1455 cm3 with the seats down. But above all the prices, the trump card of the Romanian brand controlled by Renault: 11,700 euros is enough for the entry level, and you can reach a maximum of 16,950 for the top of the range.

3. LANCIA YPSILON – 3,602 units

The Lancia Ypsilon, which closed October in second position with a handful of units sold (3,662), loses one position. Not much for a model that despite the years still manages to exercise its charm. Available with two types of power supply, Petrol/LPG, Mild hybrid/Petrol, an engine capacity from 999 to 1242 cc but the same 69 HP, the Ypsilon offers a boot that becomes 940 cm3 with the seats down. The list instead starts from 15,600 and reaches 20,800 euros.

4. TOYOTA YARIS – 3,135 units

Also the Yaris, like the Sandero, conquers several positions in November (from ninth to fourth) by virtue of 3,135 units against 2,311 in the previous month. Famous for its agility and versatility that have earned it the nickname of “Little Devil”, this fourth generation has two petrol and Full Hybrid/Petrol fuel systems, with a 998/1490 cc engine with powers ranging between 72 and 261 HP. Prices start at 19,750 euros and the trunk can reach up to 950 volume.

5. VOLKSWAGEN T-CROSS – 2,940 units

In fifth place is a new entry that ousts the Fiat 500 in this November top ten. The small crossover from Volkswagen is based on the MQB A0 platform, shared with various cars from the German group including the Audi A1, the Seat Ibiza and the Škoda Scala, and it is the model that in fact retired the 2011 CrossPolo. In Italy it is available with petrol only available in two displacements of 999 and 1498 cc respectively, with powers ranging from 95 to 150 HP. With a trunk of 455 liters which become 1281 if necessary, the T-Cross is listed with a price starting from 23,950 euros and reaching 30,850.

6. FIAT 500 – 2,873 units

The Fiat house icon has lost one position, which translated into registrations means 67 units less (October 2,940, November 2,873). Nothing to worry about for a car that doesn’t fear any type of competition given that it represents a unicum in the car market. Available only in the 1.0 Hybrid version with Mild hybrid/Petrol power supply, it features a 999 cc 70 HP engine and is sold on our market at a price ranging from 17,800 to 20,500 euros. No comment on the 185 liter trunk which becomes 530 at most. Nobody is perfect.

7. JEEP RENEGADE – 2,776 units

Downhill was the Renegade, which in October was comfortably sitting on the third step of the podium enjoying its 3,565 units sold, 789 more than in November. The range includes 4 types of power supply – Petrol, Diesel, Plug-in hybrid/Petrol and Mild hybrid/Petrol – and a mix of engine capacities ranging from 999 to 1598 cc, with power ranging from 120 to 240 HP. The trunk has nothing to envy from its competitors while the price starts from 25,400 and goes up to 44,800 euros.

8. FORD PUMA – 2,415 units

Puma also suffers a drop in November. Sold in October in 2,917 units, she closes November with 502 units less. Available in two types of power supply – Petrol and Mild hybrid / Petrol – and displacements from 998 to 1499 cc with powers ranging from 125 to 200 HP, the Puma has a boot capable of reaching up to 1216 liters with the seats down. Prices start at 26,500 and go up to 37,750 euros.

9. CITROEN C3 – 2,231 units

The C3 is back in the November top ten by the skin of a nut, with a loss of five positions which in terms of units sold means 728 units less between November and October. Listed only with petrol and diesel fuel, the C3 is sold with displacements between 1199 and 1499 cc and power between 83 and 110 HP. Full marks to the trunk which with seats down reaches 1300 cm3, while prices start at 19,500 euros, closing the price list at 25,500 euros.

10. VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC – 2,184 units

This November top ten closes with another new entry, again from Volkswagen: the T-ROC. On sale in Italy since 2017, the SUV of the German company is based on the MQB platform, the same as the Golf, the Tiguan, the Audi A3, the new Audi Q3, the Seat Ateca and the ┼ákoda Karoq. All cars that are part of the Volkswagen galaxy. In Italy the T-Roc is available in petrol and diesel fuels divided into three different engine capacities: 999, 1498 and 1968 which correspond to different powers between 110 and 150 HP. Standard luggage compartment – from 445 to 1290 liters – e prices between 27,650 and 40,900 euros.

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