Car rentals, a summer of skyrocketing prices: up to 200 euros per day for a Panda in Sicily and Sardinia. That’s what it depends on – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Car rentals, a summer of skyrocketing prices: up to 200 euros per day for a Panda in Sicily and Sardinia.  That’s what it depends on – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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Same beach, same blow. And like last year the prices for rent a car they are mind-boggling, far from the values ​​we were used to before the pandemic disrupted production chains. One more piece in what is announced one of the hardest summers for vacationers’ wallets. The increases do not spare any voice, from planes to ferriesfrom hotels to bathing facilities. The fact is that to hire one Panda in the second week of July in Sicily and Sardinia spend around 800 euros, 110 per day. We are talking about the cheapest contract, which includes basic insurance (with deductibles very high) and driver above the 25 years old. Otherwise already in July the thousand euros are easily exceeded. For whom the car has to rent it to August instead there is no escape, under the threshold of one thousand you do not go down. And if you dare an ‘medium-sized cars they can be reached easily the 1,500 euros. Then there are places like Olbia which are particularly expensive. Here, even in the second of July, you pay a minimum 1,200 euros for a 500 or a Panda. If you add the cost of the gas, higher than 20% compared to July / August 2021 on final bill of the holiday in the car he still climbs.

In the usual second week of July for a Panda hired at the airport of Palma de Mallorca less than 400 euros are spent while a Ibiza a little more but still just over 500 euros. In August, an extra hundred euros must be charged, however half compared to Italian prices. You also spend a little less on the Greek island of Santorini, a Mykonos the prices are instead more or less in line with the Italian ones and the same goes for Crete. Costs not dissimilar to the Italian ones also a Lisbonin Portugal and in Paris.

It may be that someone takes advantage of the situation and pushes on the lists but, in general, it is true that the sector is struggling with the same problems last year and more amplified: high demand e inability to expand fleets. In the former 5 months of 2022 in Europe they have been registered 13% fewer cars than in the same periodalready not brilliant, of 2021. In Italy the decline was even of 24%. “Compared to last summer, the situation has worsened further, explains a Giuseppe Benincasadirector of Aniasa (the trade association adhering to Confindustria) and we find ourselves with an availability of cars of almost 50% below 2021 in the face of a recovery in tourist presences “.

Last year i delays in registrations they were mainly due to problems in the component supply chains, microchip in particular. This year there is one more factor. “Car manufacturers are going through a very complicated phase and they have to manage the transition to hybrid and electric engines“, explains Benincasa, “To avoid sanctions and penalties they have to move towards this type of production but electric cars are currently selling little. At least among private individuals: the costs are high and uncertainty remains about this type of engine “. Result: “All that is available on the market the car rental companies are buying (usually the cars are kept in the fleet for six months and then resold, ed) but the car manufacturers, understandably, favor the sale to individuals, in dealerships, more profitable“. In light of these considerations Benincasa excludes that the situation can be resolved shortly and the rates return to pre-pandemic values. “The advice I can give are those of reserve the cars well in advance, when this is possible, and to do so directly from the rental portals. This gives you the guarantee of finding the car when you show up for the pickup ”, concludes the director.

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