Carlo disputed in Wales: “We in the cold, we pay for your saves”


Carlo disputed in Wales: “We in the cold, we pay for your saves”
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from Online editorial, Enrica Roddolo

Today’s news Saturday 17 September about Queen Elizabeth’s vigil

• Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is scheduled for Monday 19 September: dress rehearsals began on Saturday 17 September, before dawn.
• On Saturday 17th September the eight grandchildren will hold a special vigil. On the evening of Friday, September 16, it was the turn of the four children: King Charles III, Edward, Andrew and Anna had held a 15-minute vigil in Westminster.
• In London the endless homage to the queen continues: in a row among those who want to greet her for the last time also the champion David Beckham.
• Around two million people are expected in the city by Monday: the ceremony is expected to have a global audience of 4 billion users on TV.

6:17 pm – King Charles disputed in Wales: “We fight to heat our homes and we have to pay for your parades” THE VIDEO

First dispute for King Charles III. During his visit to Wales, as he greeted the cheering crowd, a man behind the barriers called him by name before protesting. “We fight to heat our homes and have to pay for your parade. The taxpayer pays 100 million for you. You are not my king ». The unconventional voice was clearly heard. The sovereign, after listening to the protester, dismissed him with a sharp “Oh”.

5:46 pm – The surprise of Prince Edward and Sophia to the crowd at Buckingham Palace

(Enrica Roddolo, sent to London) In front of the gates of Buckingham Palace, crowded as every day since the death of the queen with a crowd that comes with flowers or a ticket or just to be there at this historic moment, in the afternoon the son of the queen Prince Edward and his wife Sophie appeared by surprise. . The Earl and Countess of Wessex surprised the crowd as King Charles did in the morning with his heir William. Confirming that for the new normal of the monarchy after Elizabeth II a closer contact with the emotions of the country and the daily life of the country will be at the center. And even the protocol of visits planned well in advance will have to resign itself to sudden program changes.

4:09 pm – Lunch at Buckingham Palace of the Windsors with the Commonwealth Governors

(Enrica Roddolo, sent to London) Today for King Charles is a day of intense diplomatic networking. After giving an audience at Buckingham Palace to the military leaders of the country who are managing the machine of the incredible organization of ceremonies for the farewell to Elizabeth, the first appointment of the afternoon is the meeting with the governors of the realms of the Commonwealth, Countries from Antigua in Tuvalu. Charles but also the queen consort Camilla and the new Prince of Wales William with Kate, and Prince Edward welcomed the governors to the palace for a lunch. Then the king who now also leads the Commonwealth (as was expressed by the queen’s wish), will see Justin Trudeau Canadian premier who from the first hour showed his personal affection for the queen and respect for the monarchy, but also the newly elected Australian premier Anthony Albanian much less soft on the subject. He made the transition to the republic his electoral campaign.

15:30 – Harry and Meghan “excluded” from the state reception

(Paola De Carolis) Controversies are growing over the list of guests at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: as foreign dignitaries begin to reach the British capital – among other things not aboard airliners, as suggested by Buckingham Palace to cut emissions, but with aircraft military – from the pages of the Guadian came a heavy j’accuse on the presence in London of Mohammed bin Salman, prince of Saudi Arabia.

On the domestic side, meanwhile, Harry and Maghan would have been uninvited from the Sunday evening reception at Buckingham Palace, dedicated to foreign royalty and politicians: a spokesman for the Windsors specified that the dinner is only for “active members of the royal family”.

Full article here.

2:33 pm – King Charles and William meet people in line for the queen

(Enrica Roddolo, sent to London) “Thanks for being here,” many handshakes. The surprise king appeared in the queue for hours. And the people responded with IpIp Hurra for our King Charles, grabbing his hands for a squeeze. In the long line now 16 hours around the city to enter Westminster Hall where the queen’s coffin has been collecting the silent homage of the British and the world for days, King Charles III arrived this morning by surprise. The king appeared unannounced – confirming that in his reign we will often see program changes from the ceremonial – to thank the people. Intermezzo in a day dedicated to the court to receive foreign delegations, before the funeral on Monday. And before the wake of the Queen’s grandchildren, tonight in Westminster Hall.

A relaxed Carlo (after the nervousness of recent days), almost reassured by the people’s devotion to his mother Elisabetta enough to endure long queues. All lined up to enter the ancient Westminster Hall and pass the coffin hoisted on the bier. Someone hints at a bow, others bow their heads or make the sign of the cross. For everyone, being there is a personal matter of their connection with the queen. And the Crown. The Imperial Crown watches over the Royal Standard that wraps the coffin. The Crown Jeweler will follow that crown to Windsor on Monday, ready to take it back before Elizabeth is solemnly buried next to her beloved Philip.

10:50 am – Temporary stop for new accesses in the queue

The accessible queue to pay homage to Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall in London – which has been running for days – is closed from 9am to noon today local time (10am to 1pm in Italy) and capacity is limited. This was communicated by the local authorities, thus asking the many people still intending to pay their homage to the queen’s coffin not to “try to arrive early”. At the moment the queue is open only for people with accessibility needs, it is specified. Similar temporary “stops” were also decided yesterday, to allow the continuous flow to be managed. Waiting in line again this morning is calculated up to 24 hours.

September 17, 2022 (change September 17, 2022 | 18:20)

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