Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the palace and cuts the costs of the coronation


Carlo torpedoes the only woman who had access to the palace and cuts the costs of the coronation
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Queen Elizabeth forgave her everything, even that the rats gnawed at her badly kept clothes, she had free access to the private rooms of the Palace and her influence was enormous. But from day to day her power crumbled and Carlo gave her the welcome firing her on the spot. We are talking about Angela Kelly, Her Majesty’s seamstress. The new King never endured it and taking advantage of the cut in personnel costs, he got rid of it definitively and in the most brutal way. Meanwhile, he prepares his coronation ceremony by reducing costs.

Who is Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly, former Women’s Royal Army Corps pilot and then personal dressmaker, she was the Queen’s trusted woman and was much more concerned with the style of the Sovereign. Of her staff she was the one who enjoyed the greatest confidence of her, Elisabetta always wanted her around him and considered her to be her personal assistant. Kelly was the most influential of the senior members of the Palazzo’s collaborators and she dictated the law on new hires, feared and revered by all because of her proximity to Elizabeth who wanted her with him during the lockdown in 2020 in Windsor. He stood by her in the days following Prince Philip’s death and was with her also in her last days of her life at Balmoral. Although she was not on duty, Angela Kelly is said to have assisted the Queen just as she passed away.

King Charles, because he fired Queen Elizabeth’s seamstress

But the seamstress it was never liked by Carlo. And so, according to royal affairs expert Richard Kay, the new King wasted no time in kicking her out of the palace life. How? In the simplest: changed the locks on the doors of the rooms she usually had free access to. When Kelly returned to Windsor from Balmoral, shortly after Elizabeth’s death, she was denied access to private rooms with bags full of the Sovereign’s clothes.

For the seamstress there seems to be no possibility of being reinstated, not even in another role with the Queen consort Camilla who will certainly not give up her stylist, Jackie Meakin, who she inherited from the Queen Mother and with whom she is very happy. On the other hand, Elisabetta has secured the future of her collaborator by granting her permission to publish memoir books.

The dismissal of Angela Kelly and 100 other Clarence House employees is part of the savings and relief policy that Charles envisages for his Monarchy.

King Charles, how he changed the coronation ceremony

Therefore, also for his coronation King Charles is planning a much more streamlined and economical ceremony than the traditional ones. First of all, he cut the number of guests, from 8 thousand to 2 thousand. Historian Andrew Roberts said the coronation, scheduled for next summer, could prove to be a much-needed celebration after a winter dominated by the cost of living crisis and war in Ukraine.

Not everyone agrees, however, on the choice of Charles for a low-profile coronation, because they believe it would be a wasted opportunity to show the world the greatness of the British monarchy. ‚ÄúThis is an opportunity to represent people and the nation on a global stage. It would be very sad if it was wasted“.

In addition to the cuts on the guest list, Carlo wants a shorter rite, from three to an hour, to give the sense of a streamlined and modern Monarchy that he intends to implement. Also because compared to Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, the world has drastically changed. Traditional clothing will also be eliminated.

The King is expected to be crowned in Westminster Abbey in June next year, although no date has been officially announced. His son William should play a central role.


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