Carlotta Rossignoli, her story makes people discuss: “At 23 years old, doctor and model”. Classmates: “Tell us from the university how it was possible” – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Carlotta Rossignoli, her story makes people discuss: “At 23 years old, doctor and model”.  Classmates: “Tell us from the university how it was possible” – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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The case of the day in the Italian university is you: Carlotta Rossignoli, graduated in medicine at the age of 23 at the San Raffaele in Milan. A sprint, a record: the Veronese student reached the finish line very, very ahead of her time. A performance of 110 and praise with mention celebrated by the headlines of many Italian media: “The student of records”, “the exceptional that becomes normal”, “At 23 years old, doctor, model and influencer”.

When he was 17, he also received the certificate for the best student in Italy from the Head of State: “Mattarella told me: Italy needs you young people”. An average of ten in all the years of study and the maturity achieved one year in advance. In short: an entire school career always at the top. But now the clouds begin to gather on his enterprise. One has arrived request for clarification by many students of the university. And the criticisms of Wild Lucarelli. A case in the spotlight. A discussion on the merits certainly triggered also by the decision of the Meloni government, which launched the Ministry of Education and Merit.

What do classmates write? A barrage of questions addressed to the president of the international degree course Andrea Salonia and the dean of the faculty of medicine and surgery of San Raffaele Flavia Valtorta. For now left unanswered. Several questions, including technical ones: “We would like to know how it is possible for you to graduate before everyone else. We would also like to know how it is possible that he could have done, and done, the fifth year together with the courses and exams of the sixth ”. What is the doubt? Did you enjoy a fast track? “We would like to know – insist future doctors – how these exceptions are possible for some students. Why haven’t we been given the same opportunity? Where does this exception come from? How could he have done several courses in several years together? ”. The last questions focus on her: “We would like an explanation on the so that our classmate is always an exception to every rule that this university seems to implement in such a rigid way, but which becomes very solvable and flexible when it concerns our classmate ”. A list also accompanied by the intention to contact the Ministry, if the clarifications do not arrive.

Clarifications that, on the other hand, immediately arrived from the University: “The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is keen to clarify that this representation of the story does not correspond to the truth – reads a note – The student, to whom the articles that have appeared, he has in fact obtained a Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery during the first half of the sixth year, instead of at the end of the same, this option that every student of UniSR has the right to ask, upon obtaining all the required educational credits and having completed the compulsory internships in advance. On 29 March 2022, UniSR also requested a additional clarification to the Ministry of University and Research about the possibility of conferring the Master’s Degree Diploma in the first semester of the sixth year “, concludes the note, specifying that the representatives of the students of the Degree Course have already met with the President of the Degree Course and that a further meeting in the rectorate is already on the calendar.

Then came the criticisms of Wild Lucarelli, anticipated by a tweet: “The newspapers (but also Mattarella) have inexplicably celebrated her for years as a record student. Only they forget to explain that Carlotta Rossignoli – private schools and privileges of all kinds – she is not a student like many others“. Then Lucarelli better articulates her thought: “I wondered who was this phenomenon inexplicably celebrated by the press as if it were Albert Einstein in the body of Heidi Klum and I read the interviews”. The reporter lists some answers, to which she objects to her. Rossignoli says: “I didn’t waste time, I never waste time. It also helps me to sleep little, for me sleep is wasted time“. First dispute: “If you graduated in medicine early and ignore the serious consequences of poor sleep, perhaps it is good that you are an influencer.”

Rossignoli again: “I don’t have a boyfriend and I never had one. It is not a closed mind but I believe that having a person by your side means dedicating time to us and therefore it must be worth it ”. And Selvaggia: “According to her, at the age of twenty, it’s not worth trying, making mistakes, failing in the school field, let alone in the sentimental one. A relationship that does not “perform” properly is only time stolen from her academic successes “. In the end, a social criticism also arrives: “Told by the student who graduates with a Daytona on her wrist, the life lesson is a little smile. His privileged position gives it time, tools and opportunities. And because she is the daughter of two wealthy parents who, as she herself admits, have invested resources and expectations in an only child who (I say this) is clearly programmed to excel in every field ”.

Thus comes the last description of Lucarelli: “Carlotta plays the piano, practices every sport from running to snowboarding, is a model for small companies, the testimonial of marathons, leads a sports program in a local network, receives prizes and awards from Rotary and from Mattarella. It looks like Nicole Kidman in it “The perfect woman”. She misses the Olympic medal for clay pigeon shooting and the master in Venetian plaster and she has done it all ”.

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