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There are some cars that have fewer problems and therefore manage to last over time without giving problems that force the driver to take them to the mechanic. Here are which ones to choose if you intend to change cars.

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Anyone who has a means of transport owned by him he found himself having to choose which car to buy whether it is new or used by evaluating not only your portfolio but other factors as well.

In fact, some of us have needed a bigger car for business reasons or for convenience if it is a large family or if you need a space for a disabled person.

Car: here’s which one to choose to save at the mechanic

Or again, some have chosen the own car because of the appearance of the car or the way it walks on the street in the city compared to others that are more suitable for travel on the motorway or in more particular terrain.

In short, each of us has a different reason for choosing the car he most desires and when he gets hold of the means of transport he finds himself experiencing a new sensation of excitement and novelty.

Machines: here's which one to choose to save
We have various car models to choose from when buying our car –

However, we must know that there are cars that need a lot of maintenance and that therefore can make us spend much more money by taking them to the mechanic than others that require less checks in the garage.

The petrol car

One of these is thepetrol car which are the ones that in the car sales market cover the widest portfolio of models and are still the favorites of all Italians today.

This is because this type of cars have been traveling billions of kilometers for years and guarantee a quality that has not yet been surpassed, however, having as a defect that of being powered with fuel which in recent months is increasingly increasing.

The price of oil due to the war between Russia And Ukraine has led to a substantial increase in prices for many raw materials, also affecting the cost of gasoline which at times has even reached peaks of more than € 2 per liter.

Machines: here's which one to choose to save
Petrol cars are the most proven and widespread –

But these types of cars are among the favorites because apart from many years of proven production, they are also used for racing single-seaters and is the most widespread and reliable system ever.

Even if, due to their conformation and the limitations due to the engines of petrol cars, these are not able to perform particular long-lasting performances as instead happens for those diesel.

It must be said that gasoline cars are especially useful if the driver installs a system LPG and they do not need a constant check but it is always better to pay attention to this type of vehicle and do a periodic inspection.

Diesel cars

The cars a dieselon the other hand, they allow a better performance and are very long-lived but in recent years limits have been imposed on the emission of CO2 in the air and therefore national and international policies have reduced the use of these cars.

In addition to reducing circulation, production has also been reduced and therefore the limitations that a driver of a diesel car has to face are many species in Italy where it has been found that the use of this fuel could damage even more the environment and smog in certain cities.

Machines: here's which one to choose to save
Diesel cars make us travel more kilometers but are harmful to the environment –

However, for having to travel far distances and grind kilometers, the diesel car is the most recommended, especially if you have to travel often on the motorway and in addition they do not need a lot of maintenance.

All cars a diesellike the Suv or the Station Wagon they are robust and have a very low percentage of engine damage but environmental policies and the damage of this fuel in the air can make the use of these vehicles disappear in about a decade and make them gas.

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