Caserta, “unsafe” stage: skip the evening of the Film Fest with Toni Servillo. Crowd at the Royal Palace


Caserta, “unsafe” stage: skip the evening of the Film Fest with Toni Servillo.  Crowd at the Royal Palace
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NoonJuly 17, 2022 – 9:57 pm

The Supervisory Commission stops the show when the first spectators were already seated in the monument: There are no guarantees of safety. The audience leaves the monument to the cry of shame shame. A note of apology from the organizers

from Piero Rossano

The empty chairs after the audience was cleared out

Nemo prophet in his homeland. From tonight Toni Servillo knows something more that in his city, Caserta, he should have opened the “Reggia Festival – Royal Visions“, cinema review organized by Confcommercio with the patronage of the ministry of Dario Franceschini and the Municipality, and which instead, of “visions”, only registered the crowd at the entrance to the monument and the masses at the door of the first spectators who had managed to access the interior not without difficulty . The structure that holds the screen for projection does not guarantee adequate guarantees, state the firm opposition of the Supervisory Commission. And the evening skipped and was postponed to a later date. Shortly before 11pm the organization of the event spreads a note of apology for what happened, speaks of an unpleasant episode and charges the incident to a bureaucratic mistake.

The disappointment of the spectators

it happened that the firefighters, in particular, erected a wall in front of the possibility that the evening was held after reading the report of the engineer who had expressed himself for the lack of safety with respect to the structure that supported the sheet on which to project the film, placed behind the stage arranged in one of the four courtyards of the Vanvitellian monument. The firefighters therefore asked the organizers, when the meeting with the actor was approaching, set for 21 and which would then lead to the vision of the Mario Martone’s film “Here I laugh”, to block the spectators who have already entered. Who with great disappointment and making the path back towards the entrance, where hundreds of other people were pressing to enter, have long shouted their shame at the people responsible for the flop evening. Which will probably be recovered but no one knows when. And with the unknown that the main protagonist, Servillo in fact, due to other commitments may no longer guarantee his availability.

The organizers: we apologize for what happened

With great regret we inform you that the event of the ‘Reggia Festival – Visioni Reali’initially scheduled for tonight in the courtyards of the Vanvitelliano Palace in Caserta with the presence of the actor Toni Servillo and the screening of the film “Qui rido io” by Mario Martone, was suspended and postponed to a date to be decided for reasons beyond the control of the organizers written in a note from the organizers released late in the evening. An administrative issue aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the public did not allow to have the required authorizations in the ways and times dictated by current legislation, continues the Confcommercio press release. We apologize to the public for what happened. This is a really unpleasant episode that mortifies us who have been working tirelessly for over a month for the success of the event.. Tomorrow (Monday 18 July, ed) a new meeting of the technical supervisory commission will take place during which we hope to be able to exhibit the additional additions that have been requested of us on Sunday evening, concludes the note.

The spectators who pressed to enter the entrance to the Palace
The spectators who pressed to enter the entrance to the Palace

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July 17, 2022 | 21:57


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