Cerebral stroke: discovering these symptoms in time saves life, the time factor is fundamental


Cerebral stroke: discovering these symptoms in time saves life, the time factor is fundamental
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Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of Cerebral Stroke in time is the only way to save as much as possible from the consequences.

It’s the same Ministry of Health who has published a series of guidelines. Intended not only for doctors but also for people. Knowing the disease and above all the first signs and manifestations is one of the few weapons available for avoid the most serious consequences.

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The stroke, contrary to what one might think, is one disease terrible that affects millions of people every year. In Italy, it is the first cause of disability and the second of dementia. After a Stroke35% of people are no longer able to live a normal everyday life and a good percentage of them manifest very severe forms of disability.

It is therefore a question of one a condition that generates widespread unease in the community, not only for those affected but also for those who have to take care of the sick. Here then the Ministry of Health has renewed the dissemination of guidelinesso that everyone can help fight this disease and prevent its most serious effects.

What are the symptoms of cerebral stroke and why time is of the essence

One of the greats problems revolving around the stroke is the the very nature of the disease. It belongs to those cerebrovascular and the manifestation it is practically sudden. But there are “spies” that allow you to predict the onset of a stroke. Knowing how to recognize them means make the differencenot only between life and death but also on consequences of the event.

Sometimes we are tired and stressed, and we tend to underestimate the messages that come from our body. We always have something to solve, to rush to work, to honor some commitment. Therefore, if we feel unwell we think it is due to stress. In reality, some symptoms tell us that we are well over the threshold of stress and that most likely a Cerebral Stroke is coming.

For example, if we warn a particularly severe and different headache than usual, it is good to consult your doctor, because this symptom is one of those listed by the Ministry of Health. Also there feeling dizzy or the sudden skids I’m a alarm bell. Among the most important manifestations that “announce” a stroke we find theinability to coordinate language well or to understand that of others.

If we even feel one strange tingling in the limbsin lower face, or on one side of the body, then it is very likely that there is a stroke taking place. Sometimes you have difficulty moving a leg or arm, or to keep them in normal positions. Also an sudden loss of visionfrom one or both eyes, is an unmistakable sign that cerebrovascular disease is causing damage.

What Happens After a Stroke?

Unfortunately, the effects of the disease often cause severe impairments. The best known are the “semi-paralysis” of a part of the body, and therefore great difficulty in walking normally. But they can also occur speech disordersof the memory and of concentration. THE eye damage they can be irrecoverable. There are many others consequences that can result from a stroke, everything it depends on which area of ​​the brain was damaged.

Stroke is indeed a “time-dependent” disease: that is, as soon as it is unleashed it is appropriate intervene immediatelyin order to save as many cells as possible and ensure a broader recovery. As soon as symptoms are felt, therefore, it is necessary call 118 immediatelyavoiding going to the hospital independently.

Can a stroke be prevented?

Even if the disease is “subtle” e it can go wild at any time in any person of any age, there are some habits that surely help in prevention.

The Ministry of Health also recommends adopt a balanced dietrich in fruit and vegetables e free from refined foods and industrial. Smoking and alcohol should be banned. And of course drug use / abuse also leads to higher exposure. L’physical activityto be done at least 5 times a week, is a fundamental weapon to keep the whole organism healthy, ahelp blood circulation and prevent stroke.

In the end, those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease they should schedule checkups and tests with the attending physician more frequently than others.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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