Charlene in the Vatican renounces the privilege of white: that’s why


Charlene in the Vatican renounces the privilege of white: that’s why
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Charlene and Albert of Monaco went to the Vatican for an audience with Pope Francis. For the occasion, the princess chose a very elegant Terrence Bray dress with a Louis Vuitton décolleté and a pearl rosary around her neck. The tabloids, however, have highlighted, even with some criticism, two details of the outfit: the first could be interpreted as a particular choice, but with a very specific reason, perhaps a very personal one. The second, on the other hand, was defined by the press as a violation of the strict dress code in force in the Vatican.

Le privilège du blanc

There are only 7 Catholic women, sovereigns or wives of sovereigns, in the world who can afford to present themselves in front of the Pontiff wearing a white and not black dress, as required by the protocol as a sign of respect and humility. Among these is Princess Charlene, who obtained “the privilege of white” in 2013 from Pope Benedict XVI. A permit that you made history in the Principality, since her Serene Highness is the first Monegasque princess consort to obtain it. In fact, when Charlene went to the Vatican in 2013 and 2016 she wore two candid, but always austere Dior dresses.

With Pope Francis this very ancient custom has softened slightly: for example, for the private audience held in 2013 in the Vatican, the Queen Rania of Jordan, as we know of the Muslim religion, she wore the black dress as per protocol, but combined it with a white veil. On her third visit to the Vatican, however, Princess Charlene surprisingly renounced the “privilege of white”. Impossible to know the reasons for such a gesture, but perhaps we can make a hypothesis. She Serene Highness of her, born Protestant, she converted to Catholicism three months before marrying Prince Albert, in April 2011. An inevitable step to be able to reign but, above all, to legitimize the succession to the throne in the Principality.

About his travels to Rome and the audiences in the presence of His Holiness Charlene recalled, in an interview with People, that in 1957 it had been Ranieri and Grace Kelly to go to the pope in audience (and the princess wore the canonical black dress): “In January 2013, Prince Albert took me to the Vatican to introduce myself to Pope Benedict XVI, just as Prince Rainier did with Grace Kelly and Pius XII… an extremely intense and moving experience for me”.

Charlene, in fact, would be very religious and would have embraced the Catholic faith with great conviction (her devotion to the patron saint of the Principality, Santa Devota is famous), as she always said in the interview: “Catholicism is the state religion in Munich, but for me it represents much more. The values ​​of this religion touch me deeply and correspond perfectly to my spirit ”. Thanks to these words we could hypothesize that the princess she wanted to renounce the “privilege of white” as a sign of profound humility, as if she were trying to escape from the center of the scene that this prerogative would have inevitably granted her. Then, in fact, her renunciation made even more noise, but it could have been dictated by a desire for modesty.

The boat neckline

The most critics have also focused on the boat neckline of Charlene’s dress, which leaves the shoulders barely bare. She yelled at “scandal”, there was talk of a mistake, however, even if the choice of the outfit is a bit unconventional, it is unlikely that it was a mistake. Not on such an occasion, not from Charlene, famous for her discretion, not after giving up the “privilege of white“Whatever the reason. It should also be said that the neckline is partly hidden by the veil and choosing it could adhere to the less rigid dress code of the papacy of Francis. He was also amazed by the princess’s choice of black nail polish, but the Vatican has never expressed any prescription in this regard, so we cannot consider it a violation of the rules.

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