Charlene of Monaco, “died in the night”, the accident was fatal. An unexpected tragedy


Charlene of Monaco finds herself again facing a devastating situation, a terrible accident has taken away a part of her heart. She died in the night.

There’s really no respite for the ‘sad princess’, so she has now been nicknamed Charlene of Monacoconsort of Albert II of Monaco, has had to endure several personal tragedies in recent years, including a terrible disease that put her in grave danger of life.

Long operations and hospitalizations, including a very long one in a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland. The woman has really suffered a lot, not only from the excruciating disease, but also from the distance from her children who they brought her a great sadness.

As if that were not enough, a short time ago he caught Covid and with his medical history the situation immediately appeared serious and dangerous, a lung problem is definitely not something to be taken lightly in his condition, luckily the worst is over and Charlene of Monaco has managed to recover.

Furthermore, in recent months there has been nothing but talk of a terrible marital situation, the princess seemed to be at loggerheads with Alberto, there was a possible divorce in the air and her decision to leave the Principality forever to move to South Africa, his homeland.

In recent days, however, something seemed to have changed, we have seen Charlene back in public and with the whole familybut not only that, compared to past apparitions she also seemed happier and more relaxed, a sign that perhaps the divorce is not so imminent.

An unconfirmed scoop revealed that the princess she might even be pregnantthis totally denies the rumors that Charlene and Alberto were definitively at loggerheads, but having had no confirmation, we don’t know what the truth is, there are still many rumors that speak of a terrible break between the two.

Apparently at this moment everything seems quiet for Charlene of Monaco, actually the woman faced a terrible mourning that again knocked her out.

Painful mourning for Charlene of Monaco

Charlene of Monaco

This is a very painful loss that occurred a few months ago, like this Charlene of Monaco wanted to share the devastating news with all those who have always been close to her.

The princess told of the pain for the loss of her beloved dog, she did it by publishing a post on her official Instagram channel. What has really devastated Charlene of Monaco’s heart and also of all who have learned the news is that the much loved dog she tragically died due to a sudden accident, nothing could be done and the animal died, so we discover that “the dog died in the night”.

A pain that many people will understand, the loss of an animal is comparable to the pain of that of a family member, so Charlene wrote a moving dedication, “My little angel died last night, she was run over. Rest in peace, I will miss you so much ”.

Charlene of Monaco

A very hard blow that certainly did not help her in this period already painful in itself, it seems that there is no peace for Charlene. The only thing you can wish for is to be able to find that serenity that you seem to have lost for some time.

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