Charlene of Monaco, furious Albert. And it is always a matter of millions


Charlene of Monaco, furious Albert.  And it is always a matter of millions
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Alberto went on a rampage over his wife Charlene of Monaco. The Prince categorically denies everything: it is not true that he had to pay for it 12 million euros (some say 18 million) to be with him and accompany him to official events.

Charlene of Monaco, the mystery of the 12 million euros

Recently, rumors have leaked that Charlene of Monaco would return to Monte Carlo only under certain conditions that Alberto would have accepted, including the possibility of living in separate houses and the payment of a salary equal to 12 million euros a year. The rumors have never been confirmed and above all the story has been enriched with conflicting details. For example, some French media have accused Carolina of Monaco for having “kicked out” her sister-in-law from the Palace, forced to take refuge in Roc Angels. Then there are those who, like the German beautician from Charlene, have declared that what the newspapers say about Alberto’s wife is all false. In short, the matter is murky and complicated.

Charlene of Monaco, Alberto is a fury

Sources close to the Palace, however, would have revealed to theExpress that Alberto is furious for these gossip about his family that have no basis. “The Prince didn’t have to pay” to keep Charlene by his side. They would therefore be fake news that Alberto, as soon as he gets the chance, will personally deny. Just as it happened in the months when his wife was away due to her state of health, when the Prince had to intervene to clarify that there was no crisis between him and his wife and that the Princess was away only because of the serious infection that had hit her prevented her from returning home.

The Rocca’s insiders then assure that Charlene is very happy to be back in Monte Carlo and above all to be with her family again. She missed her husband very much and in particular her children, Jacques and Gabriella, whom she cuddled and embraced in the last public appearances. “After being away for so long due to her illness, Charlene is so happy to be back with Alberto and the children. They spend every weekend in their country house. Alberto fully supports Charlene and is also helping her with her charities ”. The source specifies: “Certainly there is a patrimonial agreement between the two, but it is not true that Alberto had to pay her to get her back”.

Charlene of Monaco, the appearance is not convincing

Meanwhile, the Princess has shown herself twice in public in the last few weeks. But her appearances, instead of dampening the gossip about the couple, somehow fueled them. Indeed, the relationship between her and her husband appeared rather cold and plastered, as if they were embarrassed to stand next to each other. Others have interpreted Charlene’s blank stare as the symptom that has not yet fully recovered. And finally, a suspicious swelling in her face fueled rumors of the unsuccessful cosmetic surgery which, despite attempts to correct the mistake, still left him some marks on the face.


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