Charlene of Monaco positive at Covid, for her there is no peace: her conditions


Charlene of Monaco positive at Covid, for her there is no peace: her conditions
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There Princess Charlene of Monaco is positive at Covid: this is the new challenge she has to face, after the very long rehabilitation process that has kept her away from home for many months. According to what was explained by a spokesperson, she would have already manifested the first symptoms but her health conditions would not be worrying. However, she will be forced to cancel his upcoming engagements on the agenda.

Charlene of Monaco positive at Covid

From Palazzo comes the bad news that has alarmed everyone: Princess Charlene of Monaco has turned out positive at Covid, following a swab carried out in the wake of some symptoms that have occurred in the past few hours. Although his state of health “is not worrying”, as reported in a statement issued by the Monegasque Royal House, the wife of Alberto he will have to remain in solitary confinement for a few days in compliance with the health regulations in force. This will once again keep her away from her family, and of course force her to cancel upcoming events.

Charlene was in fact expected on Sunday 5 June at a very important sporting event, the Riviera Water Bike Challenge which is held annually in Munich, organized by its foundation. Guest of honor of the jet ski race, the Princess was supposed to participate alongside her husband Alberto, giving up the role of competitor for once – on several occasions, in the past, she had won the competition. But thesudden onset of Covid symptoms and the positive swab will prevent her from returning to her beloved summer date.

Charlene of Monaco, how is she?

This is yet another blow to Charlene, which has been facing severe health problems for more than a year now. In May 2021, during a trip to South Africa, she underwent surgery due to an ear infection that had hit her so far from home. And from that moment a long ordeal began, made up of repeated surgical operations and, above all, of infinite nostalgia for her family. Many rumors ran around during those months away, even it was thought that the Princess had gone into voluntary exile due to a marriage crisis with Alberto – who was forced several times to deny.

Finally, last November Charlene managed to return to Monaco, re-embracing her beautiful twins. A moving moment, which however was followed by another bad news: as her health was still very fragile, she canceled all her appointments and, within a few weeks, she was admitted to a Swiss clinic to recover. in strength. Finally, in the spring the Princess returned home again and she slowly returned to participate in public outings, reassuring all those who still they feared for his health condition.

Just a few days ago we saw her, radiant as in the past, at the Monte Carlo GP together with Alberto and their twins, Gabriella and Jacques. And we looked forward to the new appointment on Sunday, which at this point inevitably skips. There is no news about Prince Albert, but from his side has already had Covid on two occasions – the last only last April. But apparently he wasn’t going to be infected this time.


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