Charlene of Monaco, the (secret) Princess of Monte Carlo is another


Charlene of Monaco, the (secret) Princess of Monte Carlo is another
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After the illness Charlene of Monaco he has certainly made many steps forward to reconsolidate his power at the Palazzo. But that’s not enough. There is another Princess who acts in the shadows and seriously threatens Alberto’s wife who is in danger of losing everything.

Charlene of Monaco reborn, but that’s not enough

In the latest public releases Charlene of Monaco it seems reborn. Not only is she back in shape and she has regained weight after the long and difficult convalescence following a serious infection that struck her nose, throat and ears last year, but she even smiles. We saw her improvise as a tour guide to show some recently refurbished rooms in the Palace, she revealed the side of her to hold on to her during her visit to the maternity ward of Princess Grace hospital and enchanted the guests of a retirement home.

In short, Charlene really seems like a serene person. After the Red Cross Gala it has changed and her attitude towards Alberto has also become warmer, so much so that it is rumored that the couple is planning a third child and has already started adoption practices.

Charlene of Monaco, power struggle with Carolina

The Red Cross Gala is one of the most important events for the Principality and it was for Charlene, who is vice-president of the Monegasque association, a triumph especially against her most dangerous rival, Caroline of MonacoAlberto’s sister.

The two women never fully understood each other and never got in tune. Charlene is jealous of the Princess of Hanover and Carolina does not trust her sister-in-law who remains an enigma for her. But the contrasts between them are not only in character, here control over the Palace is at stake.

Charlene of Monaco, who works against her

Until Charlene’s arrival in 2011, the Première Dame of Monte Carlo was unquestionably Caroline of Monaco who has in a sense took the place of his mother, Grace Kelly, tragically passed away in 1982. Alberto has always trusted his sister and has often let her guide him. Carolina is the essence of Montecarlo, her glamor, her class, her style the emblem of the Principality and many recognize themselves in her. This is a point that she plays in her favor over Charlene who comes from a distant country, Zimbabwe, and she had to acquire the Munich way of life.

Carolina also has another great advantage over hers: it instills confidence. When she is at her brother Alberto’s side, everything seems to be going well. She is a certainty, a pillar of the Palace, and she is synonymous with stability and continuity, even though her private life has also been marked by turbulence, tragedies such as the death of her husband Andrea Casiraghi and wrong marriages. Her last one with Ernst of Hanover was also a failure, but she played the balance card: separated lives but no divorce and the interests of both are protected.

On the contrary, Alberto has always been surrounded by fierce gossip and with the arrival of Charlene nothing has changed, indeed if possible they have increased. She who runs away shortly before the wedding, she who is always sad, she who has difficulty getting pregnant, she who has to accept the presence of her husband’s illegitimate children and also of her former lovers, like Nicole Coste. And despite the public displays of affection, Alberto appears many times awkward and cold towards his wife. A union like this, which always seems to be on the verge of definitive crisis, does not give security to the subjects who in this sense often prefer Carolina to Charlene.

And so Carolina’s authority and consent grow and she acts more or less consciously and weaves the plots of power at the Palazzo. A situation that has been consolidated especially in 2021 when Charlene left the games due to the illness that forced her to be away from Alberto and Rocca for months.


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