Charlotte Casiraghi in sequins conquers the cover. And she is silent about Charlene of Monaco


Charlotte Casiraghi in sequins conquers the cover.  And she is silent about Charlene of Monaco
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Charlotte Casiraghi grabbed the cover of the prestigious Town & Country where she is immortalized in a magnificent sequined dress, obviously signed by Chanel, as she emerges from the waters like a new Venus. The Monegasque scion told herself in a long interview where she talks about why she went back to school, her complex relationship with her mother Caroline of Monacosome grandmother’s clothes Grace Kelly which he still wears and his two sons, Raphaël Elmaleh and Balthazar Rassam, from two different relationships. While he passes in silence the alleged tensions with his aunt Charlene of Monaco.

Charlotte Casiraghi wearing Chanel on the cover

Charlotte Casiraghi certainly doesn’t need yet another cover to be recognized as a style icon and confirmed as one of the most elegant Princesses in the world, even if in fact she is not a Princess. Although you have no role at the Palazzo, you remain one of the most acclaimed and sought after members of the Grimaldi family by the press.

Charlotte made for Town & Country a photo shoot where its beauty is exalted to the nth degree. Brand ambassadors of ChanelCasiraghi wears only garments from the French maison, of which she opened the SS2022 Haute Couture show arriving on horseback.

In the magnificent shots, made by Ellen von UnwerthCharlotte Casiraghi is portrayed in a long-sleeved blue sequined gown with jeweled buttons (. She is seated with her legs crossed highlighted by the deep slit and looking straight at the camera.

In another photo he sports a total gold look while driving an off-road vehicle: $7,350 jacket, sequin top ($1,400), metallic pants ($7,100), and beanie ($2,225). In another image she wears a white dress with a semi-transparent skirt and embroidery and in yet another she is immortalized with a red suit in Prince of Wales and jeweled shoes.

Charlotte Casiraghi, the relationship with her mother Caroline of Monaco

Charlotte tells herself as perhaps she never did before. She talks about her relationship with her mother Caroline of Monaco which defines complex. It is she who inspires him for the composure with which he faces a life constantly in front of cameras and lenses, but at the same time he recognizes the need to have his own spaces. “I don’t necessarily want to reveal everything that happens between us, but it always is ambivalent. I feel like even when you have your kids, you still struggle to have your own space.”

And of what he learned from her, the most important thing is: “Theneeds en soi-meme, that is, the idea of ​​expecting of oneself, of living up to a moral standard. No matter how successful you are, no matter how well you think you have done, you must always keep the needs and that’s something my mom has, this sense of effort and discipline.”

It seems a reflection on the recent gossip involving Carolina and Charlene of Monaco, according to which the two women don’t get along at all and are contending for power at the Palace.

Charlotte Casiraghi wears Grace Kelly dresses

Casiraghi also talks about her grandmother Grace Kelly of whom she still wears her clothes, in particular colored mousseline scarves and a tweed hunting skirt suit: “I won’t tell you: “Oh, I wear this for lunch at home ”. But sometimes I can wear the jacket with a shirt.”

Charlotte Casiraghi mother

Despite her busy schedule in the fashion world and as a writer of philosophy books, Charlotte is a careful mom. Of his life with his children he says: “Every day has difficult moments and fantastic moments. Everyday there are moments where you worry about your kids or they wear you out, and then there are times where you share so much with them and you don’t even question the fact that they are the most important thing in your life.”

Charlotte Casiraghi, silence on Charlene of Monaco

Instead he doesn’t even mention Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene with whom he recently kicked off the Christmas holidays in Montecarlo. Well-informed sources speak of a not exactly idyllic relationship between aunt and niece. The Princess had also deserted one of Casiraghi’s wedding parties. But both make the best of a bad situation and with great class pass in silence what would be inappropriate to say.


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