Chiellini and Juventus, a worthy career finale for the Juventus captain?


Chiellini and Juventus, a worthy career finale for the Juventus captain?
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15 October 2015. It is the 71 ‘minute of the second half of a Juventus – Messina played at the old Stadio delle Alpi, on the bench Fabio Capello calls for the change: outside Pavel Nedved and inside a young man with a hooked nose and ungainly features arrived in the summer from Fiorentina . That boy was Giorgio Chiellini, that match was his debut and now seventeen years and over five hundred appearances later we have reached the end credits of his career in Juventus.

The last two years – there is a clear break between the rest of Chiellini’s career and his last two years and to talk about it, one can only start by citing him and his relationship with the national team.

The victory of the 2020 European Championship – but played in the summer of 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic – is clearly the highest point in the entire football career of the Juventus captain who as captain raises one of the most prestigious cups of the discipline after having given himself during the match one of those iconic moments that remain in the history of football.

Here, however, we come to the painful points: is this victory enough to repay two editions in a row of the world championships for not qualified? It is good that Juventus fans will be able to watch other members play for the cup and stay updated on their favorite teams by observing the odds of the World Cup on a site like OddsChecker able to aggregate and compare the predictions of the major sports operators, as they have already done for the last edition, but we all know that it is not the same thing and Chiellini himself knows that he had his contract renewed at the beginning of the season precisely in function of his presence at the world championships in Qatar.

Here, this renewal is a bit the focal point between a certain disaffection that is felt between the Juventus supporters and the captain.

Accomplices both the two years just passed without great sporting satisfactions, and an evident physical and technical decline, the choice by the company to renew Giorgio at the beginning of this season from the outside seemed more a selfish act of the player than a real opportunity to the good of the team.

A bittersweet finish – The lack of qualification combined with the feeling that Juventus have recently been used by Chiellini as a springboard to continue his career in the national team, despite his advanced age, leave a bit of a bittersweet taste in the mouth of the Juventus fan less in love with the captain.

Analyzing with a broader scope than just the last two years, unfortunately Chiellini leaves Juventus with a certain feeling of inconclusiveness.

It may seem strange to say such a thing about a footballer who boasts over forty trophies in his palmar├ęs, but the two finals he lost in the Champions League in 2015 and 2017 – of which, to be honest, only one with Chiellini on the pitch – leave open doubts especially on the part of detractors about the true value of Juventus and its squad.

Were the players who dominated Serie A for nine years really part of a phenomenal team or did they also and above all win for the demerits of others in a league that was anything but competitive?

Certainly biased and somewhat disingenuous questions which, however, do not have the counter-proof of the most important trophy in club football to be able to silence them.

In conclusion – Despite all this, however, we cannot conclude with a negative thought towards Giorgio Chiellini. These last two years have not been much and no matter how much he has responsibilities, we cannot blame him for all the blame and not even think that two subdued years can erase fifteen years in which he was one of the Juventus columns. In retrospect, perhaps, it would have been better for him and for us if the paths diverged first so as not to have to live with impatience the last appearances of Chiello in black and white but now what has been has been and there is no turning back. The future speaks English for ours, in fact it seems more and more probable an experience in MLS in the States for Giorgio Chiellini, with a place in the management kept warm by the president Agnelli who, however, does not seem to be the first priority for the almost former Juventus player.

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