Cholito Simeone to Naples: Petagna goes to Monza


Cholito Simeone to Naples: Petagna goes to Monza
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NAPLES- The Monza it’s close to buying Andrea Petagna. His first sponsor is Galliani who discovered him at a very young age by bringing him to Milan from Triestina: “I love him, we are negotiating.” Stroppa is waiting for him: “Petagna? We are looking for him, let’s see if there will be official status, he can make us grow ». De Laurentiis he has never considered it non-transferable because he has already chosen his replacement: the Cholito Simeone. It has different characteristics but for this reason it will allow Napoli to have unprecedented solutions behind but also next to Osimhen. The relay of the strikers, one goes out and the other enters, also applies to the outside: there will be new additions only with the farewell of someone. Ounas is the main suspect a to leave Naples, the negotiation for Deulofeu it is currently on standby while the company has optioned Norwegian Solbakken which in December will release from Bodo Glimt.

Petagna to Monza, Simeone to Napoli

Petagna he lived two years in the shadow of Osimhen, he felt the need to return hero, he knows he can do it in Monza – he is flattered by the offer received – where he would meet Berlusconi and Galliani after the years of growth at Milan. The Naples has opened for sale, it is on the basis of a loan with redemption obligation for a total amount close to 15 million. De Laurentiis asked to eliminate the constraint of the salvation as a condition for redemption. Petagna he has already said yes and is waiting like Simeone who, as a good Argentine, has never had doubts about the idea of ​​accepting the Naples court. The Cholito is the first choice for the attack (a similar amount would be invested to the one obtained) and Verona, which has just redeemed him from Cagliari but has already imagined the future without him by focusing on Henry and Piccoli, has opened to the sale. The timing. Napoli asked Simeone to wait because Petagna’s farewell will be defined first.

Solbakken headed to Napoli

He had enchanted the Rome in the Conference League enough to convince the Giallorossi to try, now Ola Solbakken is directed to the Naples. The 23-year-old Norwegian talent is about to expire his contract with Bodo Glimt, he will be released in December and for this reason Napoli thinks about zero for January, even if the doors for his arrival imminent – with minimal, almost symbolic compensation, to be guaranteed to the Norwegian club – remain open. Everything will depend on movements outgoing and, above all, from the position of Deulofeu, treated for weeks and then put on stand-by. The Spaniard is (still) waiting for Napoli but Giuntoli, referring to the 4-3-3, made it clear that now we are looking for pure external players. Like Solbakken. That he has recovered from a dislocation in his left shoulder remedied on 6 July in the Champions League preliminaries and that he was a Villa Stuart in recent days for a checkup.

Ounas away from Naples?

L’suspect main togoodbye it’s Adam Ounas who ‘reset’ his social account by deleting all the photos and therefore the moments that linked him to Napoli. The Algerian, expiring in 2023, refused the renewal and, in addition to the combinations with Italian clubs such as Bologna and Turin, evaluates possible foreign destinations such as the Premier and, above all, Ligue 1: Olympique and Nice are looking for him. And Politano? The case he returned after his agent’s visit to Dimaro and the confrontation with Spalletti. The winger was among the best in the two Trentino friendlies and, while waiting for signs from market after attempting the Valencia who offered ten million refused by Napoli, expects to experience a season as a protagonist alternating with Lozano. Waiting for news on the doormanContini is very close to Sampdoria while the Bari hypothesis appears for Folorunsho.

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