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Choose the fan: ceiling, floor and table?  – Things of Home
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Ceiling fans

It is the typology that offers one greater homogeneous ventilation. The diameter of the blades is what determines the yield in combination with the installation height: it is good to choose a model of at least 120-130 cm in diameter to be installed in an environment so that it remains at least 210 cm in height (in addition to being safe, the more you increase the distance between floor and ceilingthe more the air moves and therefore the better the performance appliance). Some have integrated light and almost all of them are now reversible: they have inversion of the direction of rotation as well in winter they can be used to move warm air downwardsfavoring a homogeneous distribution of heat.

Ariachiara by Ceadesign

In stainless steel, the Ariachiara fan by Ceadesign has a diameter of 210 cm. Adjustable to five speeds with the supplied remote control, it has blades made of layers of carbon fiber alternating with oak or Canaletto walnut sheets, available in natural wood, matt white or matt black lacquer finish. It can be used with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation and has multiple functions: it purifies the air through an ionization and ozonation system, illuminates thanks to a LED system and spreads music because it is equipped with an audio system in Bluetooth mode in the ceiling light. . Dealer price.

ceiling fan corinna manomano

Corinna for sale by Manomano

Multicolor, the Corinna ceiling fan sold by Manomano has an integrated lighting system. With two-way rotation, it cools the environment in summer, while in winter it pushes warm air downwards, creating a pleasant climate. Adjustable on three levels with a pull switch, it is in Mdf, glass and metal. It has a diameter of 107 cm. Price 64.90 euros.

ceiling fan nordik air design vortice

Nordik® Air Design by Vortice

Nordik® Air Design ceiling fans by Vortice are characterized by the finish of the carbon blades and a lighting system with LED technology. They can be customized according to the dimensions and aesthetic variants because there are 12 standard configurations already prepared but also in many possible combinations to choose from deriving from the coupling of the different elements. The blades are available in 4 sizes: 120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm and are equipped with the reversibility function. Price from 3,015 euros.

Fans from the ground

They are suitable for ventilate large rooms without resorting to electrical work and sometimes masonry, as can happen for the ceiling fan. They can have diameter up to 40 cm and thanks to the rotation and oscillation they are able to ventilate different areas of the room. They are supported by height-adjustable rods.

Floor standing tower fans

THE tower models they are not adjustable in height but have the advantage of being more silent having no blades; the air is conveyed and cooled by a system similar to that of air conditioners. Some have HEPA filters with purifier function and have a display and remote control.

rowenta eclipse 2in1 floor fan

Rowenta’s Eclipse2in1 fan

Rowenta’s Eclipse2in1 fan also acts as a purifier because it captures up to 99.95% of fine particles and up to 99% of fine particles such as viruses. A tower without blades, it is equipped with 12 speeds and has a multiple oscillation with 3 angles (30 °, 60 °, 120 °). Programmable, it has a 12-hour timer. Measure Ø 25.5 x H 109 cm. Price 494 euros.

floor fan EFS7700W beko

EFS7700W from Beko

Adjustable in height up to 36 cm, the Beko EFS7700W free-standing fan is adjustable to 26 speeds, has a 24-hour timer and 90 ° oscillation. It has a diameter of 40 cm and a power of 60 watts. Price 120 euros.

floor fan articfresh kooper satur

Articfresh by Kooper

Adjustable on 3 speeds and with adjustable inclination, the floor fan with a diameter of 36 cm, Articfresh by Kooper has 5 blades protected by a grid. The 1.6 meter long cable allows for easy movement. It has a power of 50 watts. Price 29.99 euros.

Table fans

Compact, they are to be chosen when a precise and contained ventilation is required, such as in the study corner. They have blades with a diameter of about 30 cm and some models have Usb attack. For safety, a fixed net mesh protects against blades.

Table tower fan

But there are also the tower models which have no blades and work thanks to an internal rotating cylinder that makes the air spin: the airflow is softer and less violent and avoid having the jet of air directed against, sometimes causing ailments.

home fanny table fan

Fanny fan

The Fanny fan is powered by the USB cable and refreshes while you are in the office. Measure L 14 x P 6.5 x H 16 cm. Price 14.95 euros.

Purifier Cool Formaldehyde dyson fan

Purifier Cool Formaldehyde by Dyson

It also purifies, cools and eliminates Dyson’s Purifier Cool Formaldehyde. Adjustable on 10 speeds and with a power of 40 watts, it has 4 sensors that interact with an algorithm that identifies and reports pollutants in real time to see how much the air has been cleaned. It is also manageable from the app and via voice commands. Measure L 10.5 x P 12 x H 20 cm. Price 699 euros.

Bell & Howell qvc fan

The telescopic arm that extends up to 1 meter allows you to use the Bell & Howell fan both on the table and on the floor. Adjustable on 3 speeds, it can be directed up and down up to 180 °. It is recharged with Usb. Measure L Ø 20 x H 100 cm. Price 49.90

Coolers for open spaces

Some fans equipped with a tank to be filled with water they not only move the air, but also spray a minimal amount of water mist creating greater relief. I am though especially suitable for spaces such as balconies and gardensnot so much because the appliance wets the environment (the nebulized water does not form residues of puddles), but because in a closed room they would form excessive humidity. Speed ​​and intensity of ventilation and nebulization they are adjustable and only need an electrical socket for use.

cooler P206VEN410 beper

Beper’s fan

The Beper fan in abs with 5 blades protected by a grid, also has a nebulizing function. Mains powered or rechargeable, thanks to the supplied USB cable and lithium battery, it offers up to 5 hours of autonomy with a charge of only 3 hours. Adjustable to 3 speeds and 2 steam settings, it has adjustable inclination and interchangeable color LED light. Measure Ø 8.5 cm. Price 19.90.

polyphemus argo obi cooler

Polyphemus of Argos sold by Obi

The portable cooler with ionizer Polifemo by Argo sold by Obi thanks to the evaporative technology cools in a natural way and purifies the air thanks to the double filtration system. It has 3 fan speeds (high, medium, low), 18-hour timer, removable water tank of 7 liters and turns off by itself. Measure L 30 x P 24 x H 63 cm. Price 139.95 euros.

peler tower olimpia splendid cooler

Peler Tower of Olimpia Splendid

Peler Tower by Olimpia Splendid is a tower cooler, equipped with a rotating base and integrated ionizer. Equipped with an integrated timer (to program automatic shutdown up to 12 h), it can be easily controlled both via the standard remote control and from the touchscreen display. It has a power of 65 watts, an air flow rate of 300 mc / h and a 3.5 liter tank. Measure L Ø 32 x H 110 cm. Price 169.90 euros.

Types of fans: photos, sizes and prices

How to lower the temperature in the house

To lower the temperature in the house, you have to during the day keep window panes and window frames closed (shutters, shutters and roller shutters), open any sun screens where present, such as the awnings and finally resort to using air conditioners. Here are some insights:

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