Chronic fatigue: what are the causes and what remedies can you use to defeat it


Chronic fatigue: what are the causes and what remedies can you use to defeat it
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Especially in the winter season, it happens to many people to experience symptoms compatible with those of chronic fatigue. In fact, an analysis reveals that one in five people feel very tired.

Nevertheless, when can we really talk about chronic fatigue? It is a pathology that is identified by a sense of persistent tiredness and fatigue, without an apparent logical or scientific motivation.

Furthermore, those who are affected by this pathology are unable to derive any kind of benefit from rest and long sleep.

But what are the causes of chronic fatigue? And above all, are there any remedies to get better? Let’s go deeper into this syndrome in the article.

What is chronic fatigue and what are the causes?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a rather complex disorder that causes persistent tiredness and fatigue. Also, as we mentioned earlier, it would appear that those who suffer from it fail to derive any kind of benefit from rest.

Obviously, should tiredness appear suddenly without any cause, it would be good to ask yourself questions and consult a doctor.

In fact, this could be a sign of some diseases, such as hypothyroidism, which causes a constant sense of fatigue.

However, the true causes of chronic fatigue syndrome remain unknown to this day. In fact, there are various hypotheses put forward by experts to try to explain these symptoms, but none of them states with absolute certainty what the real causes of the pathology are.

Another possible cause could be, for example, a change in cortisol, the famous “stress hormone”. In fact, a lack of this hormone can cause feelings of tiredness and muscle loss.

A third possibility is given by diabetes: the subjects who suffer from it experience an overwhelming sense of tiredness in conjunction with meals. Or we still can make up for Covid-19, or rather, long covid, mental pathologies and celiac disease.

In short, the causes can be very many but the symptoms are always the same: tiredness and fatigue, often unjustified.

What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue?

We understand that we cannot pin a single cause on chronic fatigue. But what about the symptoms?

Here, in addition to the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, we can also find symptoms compatible with those of the flu.

In a nutshell, we can state that the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue, which should ring the alarm bells for you, are:

  • Body aches for no reason

  • Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes

  • Pain in the joints

Caution: when faced with cases of chronic fatigue, remember that sleep does not alleviate the disturbance.

In short, you may feel particularly tired because you went to bed late or because you worked too much, but if you feel rested and energetic after a good night’s sleep, you don’t have to worry.

How do you treat chronic fatigue? The remedies

To date, there is no universal cure that can cure patients suffering from chronic fatigue. However, we always recommend that you consult a specialist doctor and avoid “do-it-yourself” remedies, such as excessive intake of supplements.

There are different therapeutic practices that mitigate the symptoms of chronic fatigue, acting on the possible causes of the disease.

For example, you could undergo sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy, in order to recognize your disease, therefore chronic fatigue, recognize its symptoms and be able to dominate them in some way.

Usually this type of therapy is reserved for mental illnesses but, in recent years, doctors have noticed that it could be effective for treating patients suffering from chronic fatigue.

Other ways to treat this pathology are the intake of antidepressants and painkillers, to mitigate the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Furthermore, the patient is always advised to maintain an active life, eating properly and frequently practicing sports, such as swimming, walking and jogging.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue you may not feel like playing sports, but always remember that you are doing it to alleviate the symptoms of your condition.

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