Claudia Koll, from femme fatale to missionary


Claudia Koll, from femme fatale to missionary
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From the lead role in Cosi fan tutti and the cliché of the femme fatale, to the religious conversion and commitment of the Roman actress to the apostolate

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  • Full name: Claudia Maria Rosaria Colacione
  • Date of birth: 17/05/1965
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Zodiac sign: Bull
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • Profession: actress
  • Debut date: 1988
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The actress Claudia Koll was born in Rome in 1965. He graduated from classical high school and then began his studies in Medicinewhich, however, does not complete., since he decides rather to devote himself to the acting.

He then follows several courses in the theater and collects some small parts. He made his television debut in 1988 with the miniseries A completely wrong womanthen in 1992 she gets the part that brings her to the fore. Tinto Brass in fact he chooses her as the protagonist of So do all of theman Italian erotic comedy.

This film leads her to success, but it also traps her in sexy role cliché which, however, is tight to her, so much so that she contemplates abandoning the scenes. In 1995, however, she was invited by Pippo Baudo to co-host the Sanremo Festival and thus makes itself known to the public and the entertainment industry in another capacity.

Then follow some engagements closer to his sensitivity: a part in Cub, a film by Neri Parenti; then the TV miniseries Linda and the sergeant, where he acts alongside Nino Manfredi. The last five years of the decade are also those in which she returns to devote herself to theaterafter a short break that began in 1991. In fact, it treads the stage for shows Sometimes a nothing is enough And Mrs. Warren’s profession.

The advent of the new millennium then determines a change of direction for Koll. During the Great Jubilee of 2000in fact, the actress rediscovers faith and this conversionIn addition to having enormous effects on a personal level, it also affects his professional life.

It is to this that his participation in several is due projects with a religious backgroundincluding the miniseries Maria Goretti (2003) and the films Rose petals (2007), One thing in mind – St. Joseph Benedetto Cottolengo (2004) and My Francesco (2012). The theatrical show is also in 2014 The goldsmith’s shopbased on a play by Karol Wojtyla.

In 2009 he assumed the artistic direction of the Star Rose Academy From Rome. Here he signed his first theatrical direction with the musical comedy Barefoot in the parkfollowed by many other representations, including Story of a father and two sons (2011) and Roman holidays (2012).

From 2000 then Claudia Koll also dedicated herself to the Apostolate, preferring it to the career of an actress. Her rapprochement with the faith, in fact, arouses in her the desire to engage in works of mercy and Christian formation. Thus she founded the ONLUS in 2005 The works of the Fatherwhich is dedicated to supporting people who are victims of physical and psychological suffering.

Private life

Regarding the private sphere, Claudia Koll does not expose herself much. During her testimony at the 2011 Umbria International Film Fest, however, she declares that in the 1990s her love life was “very problematic: many short stories, none really ‘important’, many betrayals, few certainties ».

Nothing is known about any relationships in the following years and the actress appears to be single. However, around 2010 she took over in foster care Jean Mariea boy from Burundi who immigrated when he was sixteen.


  • 1990-1991 – Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown (theathral show)
  • 1991 – Commissioner Corso (TV series)
  • 1992 – So do all of them (film by Tinto Brass)
  • 1994 – Italian miracle (film by Enrico Oldoini)
  • 1995 – Umen on the verge of a nervous breakdown (film by Alessandro Capone)
  • 1995 – Sanremo Festival (TV show)
  • 1997-2000 – Linda and the sergeant (miniseries by Alberto Simone and Gianfrancesco Lazotti)
  • 1998 – Cub (film by Neri Parenti)
  • 2000 – Valeria coroner (miniseries by Gianfrancesco Lazotti)
  • 2003 – Maria Goretti (miniseries by Giulio Base)
  • 2004 – Friends (miniseries by Paolo Poeti)
  • 2004 – One thing in mind – St. Joseph Benedetto Cottolengo (film by Paolo Damosso)
  • 2005 – Saint Peter (miniseries by Giulio Base)
  • 2007 – Rose petals (film by Maximo De Marco)
  • 2012 – My Francesco (film by Paolo Damosso)
  • 2014 – The goldsmith’s shop (theathral show)

Awards and acknowledgments

  • 2009 – Marianna Farnararo De Fusco Award
  • 2013 – Honorary citizenship of Pompeii
  • 2015 – Platania Award
  • 2018 – A truffle award for peace

Has Claudia Koll become a nun?

Despite the strength of her faith, Claudia Koll did not become a nun but preferred to carry out the apostolic task as a layman. In a 2015 interview with The newspapersaid that her commitment as a mother first and then as director of the Star Rose Academy keep her from making this choice: “I have a full life in the world: taking vows and entering a convent is not the choice that the Lord has made for me. called to do “.

What disease did Claudia Koll suffer from?

Claudia Koll suffers from celiac disease, a chronic disease that causes the body’s immune reaction to gluten intake. Precisely for this reason she was in the past in the past honorary president of the Italian Celiac Association, a non-profit organization committed to supporting patients suffering from this pathology.

Is there an official website of Claudia Koll?

Koll does not have his own official website, but it is possible to visit that of his association, Le Opere del Padre, at www.leoperedelpadre.

Has Claudia Koll undergone an exorcism?

In several interviews, Claudia Koll claimed to have experienced a mystical moment before her conversion in 2000. The actress remembers in fact having suffered an attack by the devil, a conflict that is not purely spiritual but even physical, from which she managed to get out only by relying on a crucifix and prayer, as he had seen done in the film The exorcist.

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