Clean that pampers you: find out how to get the Girmi travel hairdryer as a certain reward


The clean that pampers you

Take part in the new promotion “The clean that pampers you“And receive as a gift as sure prize L’Girmi travel hair dryer.

All are involved in the prize operation Vanish, Finish, Calgon, Sole, Napisan and Airwick brand products. You do an expense of at least € 15 among these articles by June 15, 2022 in one of the physical points of sale Selex And Sun who adhere to the initiative, or those who publish the promotion on a flyer or display the appropriate advertising material.

The Online shopping I am excluded from the initiative.

Once you have made your purchase, remember to keep the receipt.

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Then follow these simple steps to participate in theoperation with certain reward “The clean that pampers you”!

  1. Prepare a baginserting the complete documentation indicated below:

    purchase document intact and originalwhich clearly shows the purchase of at least € 15 of promotional products and all the data relating to the purchase (name, date, time, document number and total amount) issued during the time frame in which the transaction takes place awards;

    a sheet showing your complete personal data (name, surname, address, postcode, city, province, telephone number, valid e-mail address);

    • a photocopy of your own identity document valid (front – back).

  2. Send the envelope

    Send the envelopenot later than 7 days from the date of purchase (the postmark of departure will be considered as proof) to following address: c / o ICTLabs strada dei confine, 60 – 05100 Terni.


    You will choose the postal service you prefer to ship the required documentation. For a greater guarantee and to have a traceability of the shipment it is advisable to do the same by registered letter with return receipt.

  3. Receive the certain reward

    After verification, within a maximum term of 180 days, you will receive L’Girmi hair dryer travel bag worth € 17.

It is specified that:

  • for management needs it is possible to send only one award request per single envelope;
  • any packages without stamp they will come invalidated;
  • the postmark on the package is valid whether it refers topost office of originboth at that of destination oa any other intermediate post office.

It is also important that the purchased products are clearly described on the purchase document. They are not acceptedindeed, generic receipts in which only the department or category of the purchased product is indicated.

Clearly, the Promoting Company assumes no responsibility for envelopes not received or received after the established deadline.

Finally, we remind you that theinitiative “The clean that pampers you” cannot be combined with other initiatives and / or prize events that promote the purchase of the same products. In this case, it will not be possible to use the same purchase document for multiple initiatives and / or prize events promoted by the same Promoter.

For further information We advise you to consult the official regulation.

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