Clean the candles? 5 best techniques you don’t know


How can candles and lanterns be cleaned? What are the lesser known techniques to be able to reuse these elements and possibly recycle them? Let’s find out how you can speed up the cleaning and restoration of these decorations.

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Whether it’s summer or winter, candles can never be missing. These elements they succeed on every occasion to make the whole environment more suggestive and romanticthey immediately create an atmosphere, and in many cases they are also practical and functional.

Candles, as well as lanterns to hold them, can be used in winter to optically heat the room thanks to their light and soft flame. P.they can perfume a room and in summer too light up our evenings outdoors and at the same time drive away annoying insects.

It is not uncommon for these items are also aesthetically beautiful. Very often, in fact, the candles are contained within pots that can be recycled and reused to create new DIY candles or even to hold small items. Even the lanterns they can be subject to dirt due to escaping wax from the spark plug and which could compromise its stability.

In all these cases we can then resort to cleaning the same elements, but we don’t always know the proper way to proceed. In this article we have collected some little-known techniques to easily remove wax from candles and lanterns without them getting greasy.

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

1. Remove the wax with boiling water

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

The deepest cleansing of candles and lanterns is what is needed when there is very little wax left in these elements until they are unusable. In many cases it is also possible that the wax has stuck to the walls also making the element unsightly.

To remove the same we have different methods including boiling water. This is especially useful for candles contained in glass jars or for glass walls of lanterns. Cleaning consists of create passages for the water through the use of a knife with a round tip e then pour boiling water into the candle or lantern which will act by making the residues rise and will leave the candle intact.

Let’s remember use this technique only with suitable lanterns in order not to create ripples in the glass.

2. Clean candles and lanterns in a basin of water

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

Reasoning and technique similar to the previous one is that of basin with boiling watermore delicate for some types of candles and lanterns as avoids thermal shock between internal and external temperature.

In this case it will be enough place the element from which you want to remove the wax, in the center of the basin and wait for the wax to soften before removing all residue with a round-tipped knife.

3. Remove the residues in the oven

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

Another technique to clean candles and lanterns is what requires the use of the oven. It is a little known methodology but above all little used as it requires different attention in order not to damage the vase or lantern.

To proceed it is enough line a pan with aluminum foil and place the candle or glass lantern in the center. At this point we can set the oven to a temperature of 100 degrees and let it act for no more than 15 minutes always paying attention to check from time to time.

When the wax has melted and it will fall on the tinfoil we can remove the pan and all residues from the lantern.

As already mentioned it is necessary pay close attention so that the oven heat will not damage the candle or lantern. In many cases it will not even be necessary to wait 15 minutes, especially if the glass surfaces are very thin. We avoid this procedure for lanterns with plastic or ceramic elements.

4. Remove residues in the freezer

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

One technique that might always work for cleaning candles is to remove all residues inside the freezer. This is in fact suitable also with plastic or ceramic elementsprovided that the action time is reduced.

In fact, to remove all residueswhether they are wax funds or dirt encrusted on the container, it will be enough place the candle or lantern inside the freezer for no more than one hour in order to avoid a high thermal shock. After this period of time we can proceed with a butter knife to permanently detach the wax from the edges.

5. Clean the walls with microfiber cloths

Clean candles and lanterns: 5 little known ways and techniques

In all the cases listed above we could find grease residues on candles and lanterns. One is enough to remove them cleaning with a microfiber clothbut be careful how to proceed.

We wait for the item to clean has returned to room temperaturewhether we used a hot or cold method, and only later we use degreaser and a damp microfibre cloth to remove all grease residues from surfaces.

Gallery of ideas and photos to clean candles and lanterns

Reusing lanterns and candles is possible by carefully cleaning the elements. In this image gallery we have collected some ideas on how to proceed.

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