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Great maneuvers for a Juventus that promises to be unleashed on the market

Between market dreams, expected returns and farewells at no cost, the Juventus is preparing to experience a very hot summer. A session that the Juventus club started a few months ago with the announcement of Paulo’s non-renewal Dybala, but that could further heat up if he landed the hits Perisic And Pogba.

Filippo Cornacchia live on CMIT TV

We talked about this during the live broadcast of CMIT TV in the afternoon with Filippo Crow of ‘Tuttosport’, starting from the Croatian winger: “It is not a rudeness, as Inter-Dybala is not. This year there are a lot of zero parameters, Juventus inquired about Perisic. In my opinion, at this moment, the Croatian does not seem to me to be closing. There are evaluations and a request for information ”.

Up Pogba, instead, the journalist explained: “I think Pogba is the number one goal at the moment, the meeting with Pimento testifies to it. There is no economic agreement yet, but there is optimism. I am convinced that Pogba is much more feasible, I am convinced that he will return, the signs lead me to think that the return is possible. He won’t get poor by giving up part of his salary, but he’s a professional and it’s not easy for anyone to leave money, but I think Pogba wants to get back his career right now, then let’s see if the remake will be at the same level as the first edition ” .

Juventus transfer market, eyes on Bastoni: “Chiellini is invested”

Juventus transfer market, eyes on sticks:
Alessandro Bastoni © LaPresse

These are the words of Filippo Crow on all other major market issues at home Juventus:

POGBA OR MILINKOVIC – “Pogba excludes Milinkovic. In the end they have two years of difference, but the Frenchman has a series of high-level games that Milinkovic does not have, who has only one year in the Champions League. I think Juventus want Pogba because he can also bring a bit of habit to playing and winning. Besides, he has great motivation, he’s only 29 and so I think he’s still in the prime of his career ”.

OTHER DEPARTMENTS – “If I have to be honest I still expect something in attack. Surely Juventus will not redeem Morata for 35 million, now Morata does not have great chances. Kean isn’t so sure he’s staying. One of Juve’s priorities, however, is the central defensive. Rudiger Sfumato, a luxury occasion. One of Juventus favorites is Gabriel of Arsenal who will not play the Champions League, but is still a 50-60 million euro piece. However, it may be that the real investment arrives in defense, also because Bonucci is 35 years old and we have to see how he will restart and will no longer be the player of the past. I think the identikit is that of a left-handed “.

BREMER – “He is certainly an important defender, I don’t know if an attempt will be made. At this moment what I think is that I don’t see him as hot for Juventus, then maybe they’ll take other routes “.

STICKS – “Good question, because honestly the investiture struck me. We will have to see Inter. He is Italian, national, left-handed and invested by Chiellini. At the moment, however, I don’t know if there are any possibilities, but he hit me ”.

BEANS – “I think Fagioli has a chance. I don’t think there is a definitive decision yet, but I think the intention is to buy someone with experience and bring in young people of value. I don’t think Fagioli, Miretti and Rovella will all three remain. Miretti is the number one candidate, Fagioli the second ”.

BERNARDESCHI – “Bernardeschi will not renew, a bit like Dybala made this decision. It is no longer a secret ”.

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