Cockroaches could be dangerous to health, what to do if we find some in the house and how to get rid of them


Cockroaches could be dangerous to health, what to do if we find some in the house and how to get rid of them
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Finding cockroaches causes horror in most people. These animals actually look disgusting and, not many people know, could also be harmful to human health. For this reason it is important to get rid of them in case they are in your home.

In Italy the most common cockroaches are the following: the oriental or black cockroach (about 20 millimeters large), the Germanic cockroach (about 12 millimeters large) the American cockroach, which can even reach 50 millimeters in length.

A saying states that where a cockroach is seen there could be hundreds more hidden. And it is precisely this that is horrifying. Also because cockroaches reproduce very quickly, they give birth up to four times a year and lay up to 90 eggs.

These parasites can transmit salmonella, mold spores and allergies. Some breeds are said to be able to transmit even Hepatitis B, tuberculosis and polio.

Cockroaches could be dangerous to health, what to do if we find some in the house and how to get rid of them

To get rid of cockroaches, you don’t necessarily have to kill them. These pests, for example, hate bay leaves and catnip. To drive them out of your home, you must first find the nest and then spread the listed grass on it.

To find the nest, you usually have to look in the kitchen where these parasites are attracted to the rest of the food. There they can hide in cracks and crevices. Obviously, there is no guarantee that cockroaches will not find their habitat in other parts of the house, such as the bathroom, which is much more humid.

If catnip and bay leaf didn’t help but simply encouraged the beetles to move to other parts of the house, then another remedy will need to be found to prevent them from spreading further.

The second method is to mix the baking soda with the sugar in equal parts and then spread the mixture all over the house. The sugar will attract the parasites, while the baking soda will produce lethal gases in the bodies of the cockroaches and kill them.

Among the home remedies there are two that help clear the discharges from these animals. These remedies are not immediate, but you have to be patient for a few days, even for a few weeks.

Two more remedies to get rid of it

Since cockroaches could be dangerous to health, it is important to find the right remedy to rid your home of these pests.

If home remedies don’t help, you will need to use commercially available chemicals. In this case, however, attention must be paid to pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Chemical pesticides can be special powders, sprays or sticky traps with certain attractants.

The last important method to get rid of cockroaches, if not even the chemicals on the market seem to help, is to call a pest control expert.

The expert will prepare poisoned baits, often in gel form. The cockroaches will eat the bait and later die.

To kill the larvae permanently, another poison is disposed which has a long-term effect.

Exterminators use chemical and toxic substances such as fipronil or chlorphenapir, which is why you shouldn’t be at home at the time of the disinfestation.

A bizarre curiosity: cockroaches are cannibals, if food were to be scarce, these parasites would start eating each other.

So cockroaches could be dangerous but here’s what to do.

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