Colmar where to eat well and spend little


Colmar where to eat well and spend little
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Colmar guide to the best restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, taverns and aprés ski places where you can eat well at fair and honest prices and advice on which are the best typical local dishes and French cuisine not to be missed.

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Colmar restaurants

Eating in Colmar it is an extraordinary taste experience, a journey of flavors and aromas in the cuisine of Alsace, but also of the German cuisine of which it welcomes recipes and influences being the city a few kilometers away from the border. Colmar is rich in restaurants Michelin starred and, in proportion to the inhabitants, is thus one of the most gourmet cities in France.

Never restaurants in Colmar they are not only starred and international. We are in a city where the proposals are wasted and it is very easy to find restaurants that offer menu typical, places where you can have quick meals at a good price, street food without forgetting the precious and very famous wines of Alsace such as pinot bianco, moscati, Gewürztraminer and Riesling.

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Colmar “the Little Venice” (photo credit Facebook page Colmar Tourisme)

Cheap restaurants Colmar

TO Colmar eat well and spend little it is possible despite the high presence of starred restaurants that give the city the deserved reputation of one of the gourmet capitals of France. THE cheap restaurants in Colmar they are found almost everywhere and maintain high quality thanks to the skilful use of fresh and genuine raw materials combined in simple dishes but with an extraordinary taste.

Now let’s see what some of the gods are Colmar’s best restaurants, pizzerias, taverns, taverns and après ski clubs where you can eat well at an honest and fair price.

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La Stub Restaurant – Colmar

The La Stub restaurant is located in the main street of the historic center of Colmar and offers a traditional cuisine at cheap prices (average cost per person 13-23 euros).

The local it is small but well cared for, it has the warm colors of the wood and the alpine style. La Stub is a place specializing in the proposal of tarte flambèe, typical meal of Alsatian cuisine, which can be ordered in various ways, from the most classic and traditional to the most innovative and modern solutions. The tarte flambèe they are proposed in the salty version as per tradition but also sweet with apples or blueberries as a final dessert. The fillings of the tarte are made with local, fresh and genuine ingredients and the portions are generous. There are tables outside. The personal is fast, courteous and attentive to the customer.

La Stub Colmar restaurant 72 Grand Rue, Tel. (+33) 9 63 69 12 33 is located.

La Stub Colmar restaurant
La Stub Colmar restaurant (photo credit

La Fleur de Sel Restaurant – Colmar

The La Fleur de Sel restaurant it is located in the heart of the center of Colmar and the “Little Venice” district and is characterized by a traditional cuisine at reasonable prices (average cost per person 16-26 euros).

The local is a quaint little restaurant overlooking the Lauch River and welcomes you in a comfortable setting. The menu proposes typical dishes Alsatians such as different types of tartes flambées and other dishes of the day depending on the availability and seasonality of raw materials such as bibalakase, Fleishnackas, salads, tartiflette munster, meat dishes since the venue is also a brasserie. The portions are generous and served homemade. There are outdoor tables on a wooden terrace overlooking the river. The service is accommodating and welcoming.

La Fleur de Sel Colmar restaurant it is located at 9 quai de la Poissonnerie, Tel. (+33) 3 89 41 09 32.

La Fleur de Sel Colmar restaurant
La Fleur de Sel Colmar restaurant (photo credit

Aux Armes de Colmar Restaurant – Colmar

The Aux Armes de Colmar restaurant it is located in the center of the old town of Colmar, a few steps from the town hall, it offers a home cooking good value for money (average cost per person 25-35 euros).

The local it presents itself in a sober, informal and modern way and is housed on the ground floor of a typical half-timbered house. The menu it is characterized by traditional local and regional dishes, all cooked on the spot and made with fresh products. You can order the inevitable Flambées tartes, typical antipasti, braised ham with Munster, braised ham on sauerkraut, Baeckeoffe with three meats and finally a good choice of homemade desserts. Two are available fixed price menu. There are outdoor tables, the personal he is kind and prepared in explaining the dishes on the menu.

Aux Armes de Colmar restaurant is located at 2 B rue Rapp, Tel. (+33) 3 89 41 46 23.

Aux Armes de Colmar restaurant Colmar
Aux Armes de Colmar restaurant (photo credit

Les Racines Restaurant – Colmar

The Les Racines restaurant is located at the gates of the historic center of Colmar, near the synagogue of the city, and offers a French kitchen traditional with prices well related to quality (average cost per person 25-35 euros or fixed price menu of 16 €. € 36 and € 42).

The local it is modern and youthful, not too large which ensures a peaceful atmosphere. The menu is characterized by appetizers with meat, carpaccio and vegetables, meat dishes, typical dishes, dishes of the day depending on the availability and seasonality of raw materials and homemade desserts. The restaurant offers a wide choice of wines, cocktails and drinks which makes it perfect even for a aperitif. The service is quick, kind and ready to satisfy customer requests

Les Racines Colmar restaurant is located at 20 B rue d Alspach, Tel. (+33) 3 89 41 09 01.

Les Racines Colmar restaurant
Les Racines restaurant Colmar (photo credit Facebook page Les Racines)

What to eat in Colmar

There Colmar cuisine is the typical cuisine of Alsace, a perfect combination of the elegance and delicacy of French gastronomy and the robustness of typical German dishes. The typical dishes are thus affected by both culinary traditions and are enriched with local products such as excellent cheeses, cured meats, meats and fine wines.

Here are now what are some of the best typical dishes of Colmar not to be missed:

  • Tripes de veau au Riesling (veal tripe, potatoes and wine)
  • Choucroute (creuti and grilled vegetables to accompany sausages and other meat dishes)
  • Tarte flambe (garlic, bacon and chicken dish)
  • Coq au riesling (chicken in wine)
  • Baekoffe (boiled meat and potatoes in white wine)
  • Bibeleskas cheese
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Alsatian Choucroute (photo credit Wikipedia)

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