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Colon cancer, when prevention is the best weapon at our disposal. Prevention is paying attention to the symptoms of the disease, some of which are unsuspected. Which?

At a time when our worries are absorbed by the economic crisis and the continuous rises in bills, mortgages, fuel, basic necessities, we fatally forget to safeguard our most precious asset: Health. It seems that everything is more important than the most important thing.

Defend yourself from the tumor that killed Pele (I Love Trading)

So something is needed that deeply affects our imagination and gives us a “healthy” fear. The recent passing of the greatest footballer in history, Pelewhich occurred after a long battle against a colon cancerreported on the front page how crucial prevention can be even against such a terrible disease.

Colon cancer, understand the signs

When it comes to health, a phrase is always repeated, a dogma which by its very nature cannot be discussed but only accepted: Prevention is better than cure. Nothing could be more true and just, and yet… Despite the fact that it is considered incontrovertible, we often forget to put it into practice. The reasons can be different and the first, unconsciously, can be traced back to the thought, very wrong, that certain diseases concern only others and that they would never “allow themselves” to come and visit us.

But then comes a “wake up” that emotionally brings out the torpor and incorrect underestimation of the problem. When a disease strikes and causes the death of a famous person, known and loved throughout the world, that disease becomes “the disease”, so everyone talks about it, many understand its seriousness and the absolute importance of prevention. The first sensational case was when, the October 2, 1985one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Rock Hudsondied ofAIDS.

Only then did the world have the “true” knowledge of the infectious disease caused by HIV virus and only then did everyone have the “true” perception of it. Exactly the same thing that happened after the December 29, 2022when the whole world greeted Peledefeated by an evil, not incurablecalled colon cancer. These days, alongside the issue of pandemic regurgitation from China, we are once again talking about prevention related to colon cancer and how to notice its signs. Which?

The alarm bells

Colon cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases due to its high mortality rate, only breast cancer has more cases. For this reason, prevention becomes an irreplaceable weapon to defend ourselves against this terrible evil. Knowing the symptoms in time means, in most cases, saving your life. The screening campaigns make it possible to discover any anomalies in time. But what are the alarm bells that can lead back to colon cancer?

Hands on the colon
Colon Cancer (I Love Trading)

Periodic checks therefore become fundamental since they do not allow underestimating symptoms that are often similar to those of other pathologies. The colon cancer can cause symptoms such as tiredness, lack of appetite, anemia, weight loss, constipation stubborn alternating with diarrhea, blood loss. Colorectal cancer can form anywhere in the organ that can measure from 4 to the 10 meters. Prevention is better than cure. Let’s not just say it, let’s practice prevention.

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