Come on another one – Even in the evening, what has Nozzolino been up to: Paolo Bonolis goes crazy


Come on another one – Even in the evening, what has Nozzolino been up to: Paolo Bonolis goes crazy
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Wedding he became the protagonist of a very particular episode during the episode of Come on another one in the evening as well.

Come on another: how does the game work?

In the initial phase of the game, that of the Triplet, competitors must give at least three answers out of the four proposed by the conductor.

In case of double mistake, the participant is deleted and replaced by another. After answering exactly to at least three questions out of four competitors can draw one roll jokingly called pidigozzo, which can contain a win or one bad luck.

There are 54 pidigozzi in total for a total of € 1,475,000: one of 150,000 €, one of 75,000 €, one of 50,000 €, one of 40,000 € and one of 30,000 €. This is followed by 5 pigozzi of € 25,000, 5 of € 20,000, 5 of € 15,000, 5 of 10,000 and 5 containing the Pair.

The pidigozzi containing the jinx there are three, as well as those of the Good luck. Finally, there is a pidigozzo containing the Exchange and one with Come on another one.

Fishing the Pair, the competitor automatically reaches the figure of the potential champion. The handler proceeds with the tiebreaker question if the competitor manages to answer within 10 seconds becomes sample, otherwise it is deleted.

If there is no sample of the bet, the pidigozzo clears the prize pool accumulated up to that moment.

The unexpected events of the transmission

Fishing it Jitter the prize money is cleared and in this case it intervenes Franco Pistoni which asks the competitor a question that does not provide answer options.

By answering exactly the competitor will remain in the game otherwise he will be eliminated. Who fishes the Good luck becomes a potential winner of € 300,000: however, he must answer exactly within the time available.

If he does not give the correct answer, the prize pool remains unchanged and he can continue playing. The pidigozzo containing Exchange allows you to choose a person from the audience who will play instead of the competitor.

If the competitor draws exchange in the final game, the pidigozzo would have no value and there would be elimination. If you are fishing Come on another one you are automatically deleted.

If at the end of the first phase there is no potential bet champion, all the competitors eliminated previously are recalled and they are offered the opportunity to draw a pidigozzo.

The player who drew the will be declared the winner of the bet Pidigozzo with the highest prize pool.

Next another: the final game

In the final round, € 100,000 is added to the prize pool won by the champion. The competitor must give the wrong answer 21 questions with two answer options.

The proposed game phases are two: in the first phase the player has 150 seconds to win the total prize pool.

By answering incorrectly you go to the next question otherwise you start over. If the competitor fails to answer all the questions in the first phase of the game, he moves on to the second.

This offers another 100 seconds with a prize pool starting at € 100,000 but decreasing by € 1,000 for every second. When the prize pool reaches € 50,000 the champion can press the e button freeze it.

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He will be able to play for the frozen sum and will win if he manages to give all 21 incorrect answers. Each answer must be given within 10 seconds. If the first champion is wrong, the second champion will play for a figure corresponding to half of the winnings obtained by the first.

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