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WhatsApp Community: the innovative method for bringing together multiple groups in a single virtual environment has arrived.

Announced over eight months ago by Zuckerberg himself, the communities are finally available for all devices compatible with the well-known instant messaging app.

The WhatsApp Community therefore represents a new method for managing multiple groups in a uniform manner. Let’s see how they work specifically, and why the main recipients of the Communities are work groups and schools.

Whatsapp Communities are here: here’s how they work

Imagine an educational institution. Mr. Mario Rossi, Alberto’s father, may need to receive communications relating to his son’s class by participating in his class group.

In this case, the school could create a community in which to bring together all the groups of the classes. By doing so, it would allow Mr. Mario Rossi to join the school community, and decide to receive only messages that arrive at the subgroup relating to the child’s class.

With communities, it is possible create of the macro-groups which contain others within them subgroups.

In each Community WhatsApp, can be brought together a maximum of 50 groups.

In turn, each group may contain a number from users equal to 2014 members, however, the entire Community can accommodate a maximum of 5,000 users.

Community privileges and restrictions

The groups that can be brought together in a community, they are all open groups.

Once you have joined a Community, therefore, you can freely join one group or another, but in some time it will be possible to create closed groups as well.

There management of the groups it is decided by administrators of the Community. They can manage each group individually, or group management. They can also forward a message to a single group, or to all existing groups.

An interesting function of the Community is the one that allows administrators to write some general announcements, addressed and read in all groups gathered in Community.

To do this, administrators will need to select the option to publish the message on the Community dashboard. However, the members of individual groups will be given the opportunity to reply only to the messages of the groups to which they belong, and not to those posted on the bulletin board by the administrators.

Create a WhatsApp community

To create a Whatsapp Community you will need to access your app updated to the latest version available.

If you use a android device, you will need to navigateicon to the left of the “Chat” section, which represents some stick men. After selecting the dedicated button creation of a new community, you will need to enter the Community Name and its description.

After entering the photo, you can choose to Insert within the Community i already existing groups, of which you are an administrator. If, on the other hand, you intend to create the groups from scratch, it will be possible to select the section “Create New Group”and continue following the instructions of the application.

Once the groups have been created, individual contacts can be inserted into them, or the link with which they can request to join the community can be shared.

Also, once you’ve added group members, you can designate some community participants as community administrators.

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