“Contains carcinogen” is the favorite snack of many Italians


The craving for snacks can lead a person to eat foods that have negative health effects, leading to potentially carcinogenic foods.

Unhealthy snacks

People may experience food cravings seemingly out of nowhere, or they may be related to the vision, smell of a specific food.

Potentially carcinogenic substances

Some foods may contain potentially carcinogenic substances, one of these is theacrylamide, present for example in coffee, barley, fried potato-based foods, but also in bread, moles biscuits and crackers.

L’acrylamide arises from the reaction that occurs after cooking at very high temperatures between certain sugars and the amino acid asparagine, which are present in both foods.

At home they can be achieved for example with frying, with cooking in oven or grill for prolonged periods. As it is logical to think it is a risk that is encountered with the continued and excessive use of these foods.

Breakfast with biscuit and coffee snacks
Breakfast with biscuit and coffee snacks –

According to what emerged from an EFSA report (European Food Safety Authority), which has evaluated acrylamide levels in the past, in some foods is more present than in others.

In this regard, studies have been carried out on laboratory animals such as rats, which have shown the link between lincreased risk to develop tumors and exposure to acrylamide, at very high doses.

There are currently no clinical studies available to confirm this finding in humans.

It is a substance that forms naturally in foods rich in starch and asparagine during cooking over 120 °. Consequently, we can find it practically everywhere!

Snacks, crackers and acrylamide

Small seemingly harmless, yet they may contain a potentially carcinogenic element, are snacks like crackers. Let’s try to understand what it means.

There Maillard reaction it is probably the most loved chemical process in the world. Cooks learned long ago that raw and unappetizing ingredients such as potatoes and cereals can be turned into toasted delicacies by adding warmth and some time.

This is due to the magic that happens when amino acids meet sugars to produce mouthwatering organic compounds.

However in 2002 it was learned that this browning reaction has a dark side. It turns out that one of those Maillard products is acrylamide, a chemical long known to cause cancer in animal studies.

Currently in humans, it is considered a carcinogen and has been identified as a carcinogen in tobacco smoke.

The discovery of acrylamide in foods such as crackers, cookies, and french fries it has rocked food manufacturers and health authorities around the world.

Crackers in wooden bowl
Crackers in wooden bowl –

However, there are hundreds of possible differences in terms of cultivation and cooking times. But also and even the type of leavening agentand used, which can affect the amount of acrylamide present in a food product.

This explains the reasons why the major industrialists who produce the roasted cereals or potato chips, would have turned down the heat for cooking to prevent its formation.

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