Contaminated food, it’s all on our tables: products withdrawn for mercury, fumonisima, salmonella and listerine


In Italy there is a food alarm for some products that have been withdrawn from the shelves: they put the health of consumers at risk.

According to the Ministry of Health, some food products have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves because they are “at chemical and microbiological risk”. It seems that the offending products had traces of mercury and fumonisin: two substances highly harmful to the body. But that’s not all, there is also a salami on the list of offending foods.

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For several weeks, in Italy, there has been a withdrawal of food from supermarket shelves due to contamination by salmonella and the presence of chemicals highly harmful to human health.

After the case of Kinder Easter eggs and Fiorucci products, now is the time for swordfish steaks from the Spanish brand Noriberica, from production batch P22-059-76. Withdrawal from the market has been ordered for this product. The reason? There presence of traces of mercury beyond the limits permitted by law.

But there is also another offending product and it is un batch of flour for craved polenta which appears to contain traces of fumonisinalso in this case, higher than the limits allowed by law.

Italy is food alarm: beware of these foods, they are dangerous

It is the target of the Ministry of Healthfrozen swordfish ranci from the Spanish brand Noribericaa batch of Molino Riva branded flour for polenta “La classico” and the Salame Cacciatore from Villani Spa.

The traces of mercury found in frozen swordfish steaks, expose the consumer to a chemical risk. In fact, the quantities of the aforementioned heavy metal exceed the limits allowed by Italian law.

The offending lot is P22-059-76, so consumers who bought it must return it to the point of sale or contact Customer Service.

Ingesting more than the allowable amount of mercury exposes the body to chronic toxicity problem. In fact, the amount of mercury contained in food is really enough.

However, our organism is not able to recognize the mercury which, due to its structure, comes confused with an essential amino acid. It therefore settles in our body preventing it from detoxifying other heavy metals, such as copper, cadmium and lead.

As a result, all of these metals accumulate in the body causing damage to the nervous system and causing symptoms such as: insomnia, hearing loss, problems moving the joints and ataxia.

For pregnant women, who take methylmercury through food, there is a risk that this will affect the development of the nervous system of the fetuswhich could be born with malformations and growth problems.

Polenta with fumonisin

It was also for the batch of flour for polenta bramata, which was withdrawn at the request of the Ministry of Health found a chemical risk. The offending chemical element is fumonisin, found in quantities higher than the limits permitted by law.

The recalled batch of flour for polenta for polenta is “La classico” under the Molino Riva brand, with production number 120125.

Again, if the consumer has already purchased the product, they must immediately return it to the point of sale or contact Customer Service for a refund.

Fumonisins are substances produced by fungi, they mainly affect maize and other crops in the field.

This substance produces a strong accumulation of toxins in the ear which is then processed and introduced into the diet. The risk of excessive fumonisin intake is interfere with the metabolism of sphingolipids. We are referring to substances essential for the integrity of the cell structure. Too much fumonisin reports damage to the kidneys and liver.

In short, this substance is no joke, so much so that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has included fumonisin in the list of potentially carcinogenic substances.

Salami contaminated with salmonella and listeria

In Italy there is a food alarm, even for another product that has been withdrawn from the market at the disposal of the Ministry of Health: the Salame Cacciatore from the Villani Spa company. In this case, the health risk is microbiological caused by the presence of salmonella and listeria.

The offending lot is the one marked with the number 240222-26 / 01/22 with the identification mark of the CE It 68 L factory. The same salami is also on the market in bulk, in packs of 170 g and are identified with the carton lot 1326212.

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