Conventional medicine. The haemorrhage of union members continues. In 8 years almost 11 thousand less. At the top for family doctors, pediatricians and outpatient specialists always Fimmg, Fimp and Sumai


The latest surveys of trade union delegations have been published by Sisac (as of 1 January 2022). In the last year, the sector lost a total of 2,791 members, above all among family doctors and paediatricians. A decline that sees practically all unions affected and that seems unstoppable. SISAC DATA

30 NOV

The latest surveys (as of 1 January 2022) published by Sisac on trade union delegations for the sector of conventional medicine which includes: general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice and internal outpatient specialists. In total, the sector has a total of 49,590 proxies in 2022. A number that decreased by 2,791 units (-5.3%) compared to the proxies in 2021. If we take the 2014 figure, the decrease is even more evident: 8 years ago the number was 60,485, a good 10,895 more (-18% )

But let’s see the numbers for each sector.

General medicine. In 2022, the sector counts on 32,112 proxies. That is -2,615 compared to 34,727 in 2021, confirming the downward trend of recent years. However, Fimmg is confirmed as the leading trade union with 62.99% (down compared to 63.26% of the previous year) of representation and a total of 20,227 proxies, with a decrease of 1,740 proxies compared to 21,967 in 2021.

Snami is confirmed in second position with 6,212 proxies (-476 compared to 2021) and 19.34% of representation. The Smi stands on the third step of the podium with 3,428 proxies (-324 compared to 2021) and 9.67% of representation. In 4th place we find the Cisl Medici with 2,014 proxies and 6.27% of representation.

Outpatient specialist. In 2022, the sector recorded a number of proxies equal to 11,110, an increase of 87 units compared to 11,023 in 2021. The first trade union in the Area is confirmed as Sumai-Assoprof with 8,450 units and 76.06% of representation, numbers down by 155 units compared to 8,605 proxies in 2021.
In second position is the Cisl Medical Federation with 973 proxies, down from 1,004 in 2021, and with a representativeness of 8.76%. The Uil Fpl then rises to third position with 758 proxies (+141 compared to 2021) and 6.82% of representation. Fespa falls to 4th place with 727 proxies (+39 compared to 2021) and 6.54% of the representativeness.

Free choice pediatrics. There were a total of 6,368 delegations here (245 fewer than in 2021). The first trade union is confirmed as the Fimp with 4,719 proxies (-196 compared to 2021) and 74.10% representation. In second place is Simpef with 840 proxies (13.2%), numbers down compared to the 849 proxies in 2021. On the third step of the podium is the Cipe-Sispe-Sinspe Federation with 703 proxies (-49 compared to 2021) proxies equal to 11.04%.

Luciano Fassari

November 30, 2022
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